What is Body Souffle?

What is Body Souffle?

No matter the season or what the weather is like, it’s always a good idea to keep your skin well-moisturized. But there are so many different products that claim to be moisturizing for your skin that it can be hard to find out what’s best for you. Turns out that there are a lot of products that work as moisturizers for your body! It can even get a bit overwhelming because it’s hard to know what the difference is between each product.  

Typically, there are three main types of moisturizers: body lotion, body cream, and body souffle. In case you might be asking yourself, “what is body souffle,” we are here to explain exactly what it is along with the differences between these three products. Most people tend to think these products are interchangeable and that they are the same product. The truth is, they do essentially the same thing, but have different formulations. 

They all moisturize your skin, but have different textures and vary in how moisturizing they are. Body souffle is the lightest type of body moisturizer. Its texture is whipped and fluffy, hence the name. It can be used daily to nourish the skin and keep it moisturized. The whipped texture makes it especially appealing, as it feels amazing on the skin. 

If you do not have extremely dry skin, a body souffle might be perfect for you. Many people compare its texture to whipped cream, which is what makes it so fun and enjoyable to use. On the flip side, there are many body creams that are greasy and leave your skin feeling sticky. You will never have that issue with body souffle—the only downside is that it’s not always moisturizing enough for dry skin. 

What Is Body Cream? 

If you are comparing the differences between cream and lotion, there is one main difference you need to know. When compared to body lotion, body cream is better for skin that is dry. It is a thicker formula that is also highly moisturizing. The extra moisture helps to repair dry skin.

Another difference between the two is the texture. This is because body cream has more oil and less water, resulting in a thicker product. It contains a higher viscosity. This is a scientific term that simply means the cream has more oil than water. 

Most of the time, body creams will contain a mixture that is 50% oil and 50% water. Because there is higher oil content, this means the cream will take more time to dry on your skin. Your skin might feel a bit greasy or oily after you apply the cream, but it will eventually settle into your skin and feel soft and smooth. 

Body creams can help to form a protective barrier over the skin. This is important because a barrier helps to lock in moisture. By using body cream, you will be able to provide the ultimate relief for your overly dry and cracked skin. One bonus of using body cream is that you will need less of the product for your skin. A little goes a long way, and you will get thick and full coverage that will help to repair any damage.

What Is Body Lotion? 

If you are looking to moisturize your skin, body lotion can definitely still help. Basically, it does the same thing as a body cream. The goal of both formulas is to provide moisture. However, body lotion has a thinner formula. 

When it comes to everyday maintenance, body lotion is great at helping to keep the skin healthy and smooth. It works well for normal to mildly dry skin. You might also want to consider using body lotion during the warmer months. In the summer, there is less humidity, which means moisture levels in the skin can be depleted. It can also be used after any epilation, the lotion will help keep your skin soft and non-irritated.

Like we discussed with body cream, the difference between the two is their formulations. Body lotion has more water than oil, resulting in a thinner product that does not penetrate the skin as deeply as body cream does. As for surface-level moisture, body lotion works great and can provide relief for mild dryness. If you want to achieve the same results as a body cream, you will need to use more body lotion. 

One main reason that people prefer body lotion to body cream is that the higher water content also results in a non-greasy formula. Body lotion will pretty much always settle right into your skin, and it won’t leave any stickiness or greasy residue. 

Should I Exfoliate Before Using a Moisturizer? 

Yes, you should definitely exfoliate before using a moisturizer. Removing dead skin and buildup from your body will allow your moisturizer to penetrate the skin more deeply. Your skin will be able to absorb the nutrients from the body souffle (or moisturizer of your choice) more easily. If you have a layer of dead skin on your body, then your moisturizer will simply sit on the surface level of your skin. 

One helpful tool for exfoliating is our bath sponge. These sponges work as a three-in-one product. First, they cleanse the skin with a body wash that is already infused. Then, they exfoliate the skin using a gentle yet effective sponge. Finally, they hydrate the skin, perfectly prepping your skin for your body moisturizer. 

We have a sponge for everyone, with tons of different scents, shapes, and colors. From florals to neutrals, there’s a scent that you’ll love. We even have a men’s collection of bath sponges with more masculine scents. And don’t forget about your kids; our kids’ collection is so cute, fruity, and fun!    

If you find that your feet need a little extra TLC and exfoliation, we have special bath sponges for them. We call these sponges pedi buffers because they leave your feet feeling like they just had a pedicure. The skin on our feet is stronger and tougher, which is why it might need some extra scrubbing to exfoliate.  

Where Should I Get Body Souffle? 

Spongellé is the best place to get body souffle. Plus, not only do we sell body souffle, but we also sell body cream and body lotion. Seriously, we have everything you need to properly moisturize your skin! If you are an avid user of body souffle or have never tried it before but want to, you will love our four deliciously scented body souffle. 

Our four scents include Brilliant Tuberose, Radiant Amber, Pearl Blossom, and Moon Flower. These delicate and unique scents are great for using every day, and they will leave you smelling amazing. They are not overpowering and will not leave you with headaches, like other heavily fragranced products might. All four scents include shea butter, vitamin E, and a subtle hint of shimmer. Their emollient formula helps lock in moisture all over your body. Plus, the hint of shimmer makes your body glow! 

If souffle isn’t your thing, then don’t forget to check out our lotions and creams. They come in even more scents that you’re sure to love. If you don’t know which level of moisture you need or want, try all three and see what you like the best.     


By now, you should be an expert on knowing the differences between the main types of body moisturizers. If you went into this article wondering what body souffle is, you now know that it is a light, whipped, and fluffy moisturizer that works for everyday use on your entire body (besides your face). 

The biggest differences between different types of body moisturizers are their texture and how much moisture they provide your body. The lightest of the moisturizers is body souffle, followed by body lotion, followed by body cream, which is the thickest and heaviest. If you have extremely dry skin or if you live in a cold, harsh climate, then body cream is probably your best bet. 

If the weather is warmer or if you don’t have very dry skin, then body souffle will be perfect for you to use daily and keep your skin smooth and soft. Don’t forget to exfoliate and cleanse your body before using a moisturizer. This will help your skin stay healthy and extra smooth. 


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