Best Body Sponges

Loofahs can lose their shape and there isn’t much that is overly exciting about a washcloth. Can you imagine if, in one step, you could have the equivalent of an expensive spa treatment all over your body? Well, prepare yourself to be amazed!

Beautiful skin doesn’t usually happen all on its own. It takes some elbow grease, exfoliation, and a great cleanser. If you are anything like us, we get sick and tired of hearing of all the latest and greatest five-step trends to accomplish one overall goal.

We want convenience AND a great multi-use product. Spongellé heard your request. We created a bath sponge that has an antibacterial agent so you can confidently use it multiple times, an incredible lather, scents that smell like you are walking through a field of fresh-cut flowers, and the ability to exfoliate, cleanse and buff away the hardest day.

How Do You Use a Body Sponge?

With a typical sponge, you would have to apply a cleanser in order to get a lather going and then proceed to wash your body. With a Spongellé body sponge, you don’t even have to think twice about applying anything extra.

You simply place your body wash-infused buffer under running water and prepare to be enveloped in a heavenly scent that both exfoliates and cleanses. With Spongellé’s body sponges, you can expect 14 plus washes out of one sponge due to patented technology.

What Are the Benefits?

We know that your entire body needs pampering, not just your pretty face or toes. For that reason, we have created products that you can count on to deliver not just a bath, or a shower, but an experience, every single time.

Benefits of Spongellé body sponges include but are not limited to:

  • Treatment that is all-in-one
  • Proprietary infusion technology
  • Cleansing that is bacteria resistant and multi-use
  • Time-released lather so that you never have to worry about too much or too little cleanser
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty-free

We understand how important it is to remove those dead skin cells, cleanse and hydrate your skin. The best part is you can do all that while smelling absolutely amazing!

What Are the Benefits?

Back in the day, a bath was considered more of a duty than the spa-like ritual we have come to know and love. The focus was simply to get rid of the visible grime you had accumulated throughout an extended amount of time.

Thankfully, cleansing your body has evolved from a chore to a welcomed part of regular self-care. You can rest assured that once you incorporate a Spongellé bath sponge into your routine, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Streamline your routine and incorporate one product that does it all. You can travel with it, use it more than once, and your bath time will be forever altered by the functionality and delicious fragrance.


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