Is Shower Foam Better Than Soap?

Is Shower Foam Better Than Soap?

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important tasks that we go about in our daily lives.  However, putting together a daily hygiene routine that really works for you may be daunting. Trying to navigate the wide variety of products available to discover what works best can take way too much time to seem effective.

In this article, let’s explore some of the most common body wash options, learn about shower foam, and decide whether or not shower foam is better for your daily hygiene routine than basic soap.  

What Is Shower Foam?

To make a long story short, shower foam is a new technique used in some body washes that essentially creates a pre-lathered way to apply body wash to yourself in the shower.  It is similar to foaming hand soap and comes out of the bottle in a soft, pre-lathered foam that is gentle and applies evenly.  Some companies advertise their shower foam as being extra moisturizing due to its lightweight, airy texture, but this appears to be simply a marketing technique.  

The barrier between the skin and the foam does not appear to be any differently supported due to foam than due to just simple body wash.  So while there are very few actual health or hygiene benefits directly related to the body wash, there are definitely some reasons people still choose to use shower foam over basic body wash or soap during their shower routine.  

So Why Use Shower Foam?

Even though the benefits of shower foam seem to be somewhat related to creative marketing, the shower foam trend is really in right now, so let’s explore why it has gotten so popular over the last few months.

  1. People can avoid using a dirty, bacteria-infested loofa.  This may be one of the greatest upsides to using shower foam: the body wash is already lathered, so you don’t have to use another product to lather up your skin.  This allows you to avoid using an older, dirty product like your old loofah or a washcloth so that you can avoid extra bacteria and tiny abrasions on your skin from a washcloth.  

  2. Foam can be pleasing.  Aesthetically speaking, if you’re going through the trouble of creating a self-care routine that you can really be proud of, you want your body wash to be a part of that.  A self-foaming shower foam feels better, looks better, and is easier to use than typical body washes, so many people actually enjoy using it as opposed to something more traditional.  Compare it to washing your hands: what’s more fun, an old boring hand soap pump or something that comes out in a satisfying wash of foam?

  3. A little bit of foam goes a long way.  Just like when you use foaming hand soap, you will end up using less foam than a traditional, more liquid-based soap.  The soap already being lathered and foamed makes it much easier to just use a very small amount, and that small amount will cover a large area of your body!

Downsides To Shower Foam

Just like there are benefits to shower foam, there are also downsides.  While shower foam does not require a loofah or a washcloth to cause it to lather, to really get clean, you will probably want to buy something that can scrub.  Since one of the upsides of a shower foam is avoiding the bacterial growth on something that sits in your shower at all times, still having to get something that will sit in your shower and collect bacteria really just defeats the purpose.  

Also, shower foam is not incredibly cost-effective.  Typically, less foam fits into a single bottle, making it more expensive to buy over the long run when compared to more traditional body wash.  

Any kind of hygiene product that is aerosolized in any way may also struggle to get you clean because there is less surface contact with your skin; because each “bubble” of shower foam has air between itself and all the other bubbles, there is less direct contact between the soap and your skin, meaning that it may actually take more to really get you clean.

Better Alternatives To Both Shower Foam And Body Wash

So, after comparing shower foam and soap and learning why people decide to stick with one or the other, the obvious question to ask is whether or not there are products that combine the best parts of both into something that is both more convenient and more cost-effective in the long run?

The answer is yes! Thanks to Spongellé, there is a middle ground product that takes the best parts of not having to buy liquid body wash and combines it with the foaming aspect of shower foam in a simple to use a healthy and cost-effective body buffer!

What Is A Body Buffer?

A body buffer is body wash infused into a sponge. It is formulated with ingredients that can cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and moisturize. It is a multi-use tool that eliminates the need for traditional bar soap or loofahs. It’s an all-in-one beauty treatment. The lather that comes from the body buffer is time-released, making it the perfect shower experience. 

How Customizable Are Body Buffers?

The body buffers from Spongellé are extremely customizable. They come in a large variety of fragrances and designs. We have special holiday collections, and we even have collections designed for men

There is a scent at Spongellé for everyone, and you can find out what works best for you using our fragrance quiz. 

These sponges are designed with age-defying ingredients and are even vegan friendly. 

Are Body Buffers Safe For Skin?

Body buffers are safe for skin and have been tested by dermatologists. They are gentle yet effective for removing dirt and oils from your skin while also leaving it feeling soft and smooth. 

The bacteria-resistant sponges make them even safer for the skin because there is no risk of transferring germs on your body buffer. These sponges are infused with an antibacterial agent to make them hygienic and safe for everyone. 

They are cruelty-free and eco-friendly, so they aren’t harming the environment or any animals. This is definitely an added bonus in our books. 

Body Buffer Customization

There are over 50 scents to choose from at Spongellé, so you’ll probably have a hard time picking just one. You can also try out the Spongology line, which is made with non-synthetic scents. You can choose from coconut, rose, lavender, olibanum, or tuberose. This will provide your next shower or bath with a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

If you are looking for a sponge for your child, we have those too. We offer a line of kids sponges that come in different animal shapes. These can make bath time super easy and fun. We have butterflies, ducks, and fish!

We also have buffers for your hands and feet! These are both important parts of your body that shouldn’t be neglected. We have Hand Defense buffers to get rid of germs and leave your hands feeling super soft. Spongellé also has Pedi buffers that can help with dry heels. They contain sea-kelp to help hydrate your feet and get the full salon experience at home. 

In Summary

If you are deciding between shower foam and soap, you should think about your skin needs. It is important to provide enough moisture for your skin, especially during the wintertime. Before buying a product like shower foam, read the ingredients first. This can help save your skin from being exposed to harmful additives put into some soaps or body washes. 

You should also think about your skin type. The kind of body cleanser you need may be different depending on if you have dry, oil, or sensitive skin. If you are worried about allergic reactions, always do a patch test of a product before applying it to your entire body. 

Whatever your schedule looks like, body wash sponges like the ones from Spongellé can help simplify your routine. It can make getting clean a fun and relaxing experience so that showering doesn’t feel like a chore. 

Shower foam and soap have certain benefits to offer, but really, nothing can beat body wash infused sponges. You can use them to help exfoliate the dead skin cells off your body, cleanse your skin, and moisturize all at once. Buffers give back to your skin and make your shower time light work.