Body Wash in a Sponge: How Does It Work?

Body Wash in a Sponge: How Does It Work?

What if our skincare routines didn’t have to be long drawn out processes to receive the results we want? What if technology could finally change how we take care of our bodies and not just our faces? What if we could elevate the mundane shower experience to that akin to a day at the spa or a long bath with candles?

I’m here to tell you that a body wash infused sponge can achieve all that and more!

From the immediate benefits to the long-term ones, a body wash infused sponge will make your day easier and keep your body washing tools cleaner.

Spongélle’s patented body wash delivery system is manufactured right into every buffer we make!

How does a body wash infused in a sponge work?

Body wash infused sponges are used the same way a traditional sponge is used, except that the body wash is inside of the sponge and no extra body wash application is needed.

You simply wet the sponge to lather and get going cleaning and exfoliating the body. This eliminates the need to pause your routine to add extra product before you continue sudsing up and scrubbing down. Thus eliminating the need to have a shelf full of body wash. 

One simple product does it all.

The patented Spongellé system allows body wash to lather from the inside out when water is applied to the sponge. What you get is a deeply moisturizing, spa-like exfoliation and cleansing all in one product.

Why you should choose a body wash infused sponge over traditional sponge and body wash methods:

  • It’s convenient. No need to stock your shower with other products for exfoliation or cleansing. These sponges range to last 5+ to 30 + washes, depending on the buffer’s size and design.
  • It’s hygienic. Sponges get gross after a while. If not allowed to dry properly, they can become a home for all the bacteria you’ve just washed off your skin. Spongelle buffers come with a strap or string to make it easy to hang your sponge in a ventilated area so it can dry between uses; also, once the sponge has lost its sudsing power, that is a good indication that it is time to replace your sponge, which should be replaced monthly.
  • It gets the job done and well. It gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s outermost layer while cleansing and hydrating.
  • It is packed with amazing extracts and perfectly formulated to fight dryness, aging, and help fight off free-radicals.
  • It saves you time. These sponges take an in-depth treatment like full-body exfoliation and pack it into your regular cleansing routine, shaving hours off your skincare routine each week.
  • It saves you money. No need to purchase a separate tool for exfoliation, a separate body wash, and a separate sponge. This is an all in one tool.
  • It will help keep your skin clean and clear by keeping bacteria away with its hygienic design and by regularly and gently buffing off dead skin cells and deep cleaning pores.
  • You can enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience without leaving your home or setting aside a whole day to achieve it.

Even more reasons to try a body wash infused buffer from Spongellé:

Spongellé’s products meld skincare with affordable luxury and technology. The products are soy-based, totally vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

Body buffers are packed with age-defying, free-radical fighting and hydrating extracts like Edelweiss, Yuzu, and Vetiver and a slew of intoxicatingly delicious scents for an absolutely lush and pampering shower experience.

There is no shortage of scents and experiences to choose from.

With 50+ scents to choose from, you can find a buffer that transforms your bathing experience into a full-on oasis at the click of a button.

The eco-friendly buffers of the Spongology line are relaxing and made with gorgeous, non-synthetic scents. 

Choose from lavender, coconut, rose, geranium, olibanum, or tuberose for your next bathing experience. This line also includes a body wash infused back buffer and contouring glove for all those hard to reach places that need some extra love.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a scent, try to think about the aromatherapy of each specific scent. For example:

  • Choose lavender to shake off the stress and relax. Let the calm wash over you.
  • Go for a rose scent to reduce anxiety and to reinvigorate your soul.
  • Olibanum, or frankincense, has a woody, sweet aroma that will help you clarify your thoughts and improve your mood.

So when choosing a body wash sponge, ask yourself how the scent you choose could improve your positive mindset and ease any current mental stress you may be carrying.

Florals more your fancy? We can’t get enough of these romantic Eastern European folk-art inspired limited edition buffers. Each buffer in the collection has been designed to transport you to a time of decadence as you treat yourself to its triple butter body wash infused magic.

Have the holidays on your brain and getting ready for cooler temps and warm pies straight from the oven? Spongelle’s Bourbon Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice buffers will get you warmed up in luscious autumnal suds in no time.

If you are at a loss for the best choice in scent for your next buffer, you can always try out our best-seller, the summery scent of relaxing Beach Grass. This scent comes in a Boxed Flower, a Pedi Buffer, and a Travel Buffer format so you can have your favorite scent for every shower on the go or give it as a gift to others.

Still not sure which scent is right for you? Take the Spongelle Fragrance Quiz to help narrow down the choices to scents that will quickly become your new favorite obsession.

Looking for something for each member of the family?

We have an entire line of kids sponges in animal shapes infused with a blended fruity scent of crisp apple, watermelon, and pear. These cute squishy and sudsy buffers make bath time fun and a time saver. 

Choose from a duck, a butterfly, or a fish. And, if you just can’t decide which is cutest, go for the assorted pack which contains all three animals.

Get your little one involved in the process and watch the buffer fill with foamy bubbles while they squeeze the wet buffer. You’ll save time and energy making sure your kids are clean.

The men’s line of Super, Extreme, and Supreme buffers is perfectly designed to get through tough, rough hard-working skin while creating a rejuvenating experience for the guys. These multi-use buffers are conveniently attached to a rope loop for easy shower hanging. And, it can be taken through airport security without a hitch.

Specialized buffers for your most high-traffic skin: hands and feet!

Hand Defense buffers were created to deep clean the hands, fight off germs with the antibacterial properties of tea tree oil, while smoothing and softening the hands through the use of shea butter and oat extracts. Washing our hands, which we now do more than ever, is one of the harshest cleansing processes we do to our body. Take back your hand health while fighting off germs and viruses.

Pedi buffers are specially formulated to soften tough, cracked heels with mineral and antioxidant-rich sea kelp which also helps retain moisture in the skin. These all-in-one pedi buffers include everything but the nail technician making it easy to treat yourself to a spa-like treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Body wash in a sponge works best! 

No matter your busy schedule or skin type, adding in an effective exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration routine doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out chore. 

When technology and skincare meet, you can transform your regular shower into a home spa treatment in as little as fifteen minutes! So throw away your old dingy loofahs and say goodbye to the waterlogged washcloth while you let the body wash infused buffer do the heavy lifting. 

Body buffers make light work of our daily grime without adding any stress or mess to our already full capacity lives. 

It’s easy to choose a buffer that inspires you with its lavish scent or to simply make bath time fun for the littles. Buffers allow us an opportunity to give back to your skin, ensuring that it is healthy and vibrant without any of the added fuss of purchasing more products or tools.

And, as an added bonus, use code BLOG20 for 20% off your first order!