How To Use Spongellé To Remove Daily SPF

How To Use Spongellé To Remove Daily SPF

Hey, Spongellé enthusiasts! Have you been layering on SPF more than usual? Were right there with you! With the need to protect our skin from harmful UVB/UVA and High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light, weve been diligent about daily suncare even when living that indoor life! 

Its important to note that harmful rays of the sun can still penetrate our skin through our home windows and that the release of free radicals from our blue digital devices can lead to premature aging. With all of this in mind, proper SPF removal has been a hot topic of discussion for all of us at Spongellé HQespecially during this time of high heat. 

Today were highlighting ways you can turn the cleansing of daily sun protection into a luxurious at-home spa experience. 

Turning Suncare Removal Into Self-Care Indulgence 

Just like we need to remove daily makeupproper body cleansing is necessary to allow our skin to breathe, remove layers of lingering product, and wash away pore-clogging residueRecognized by Allure beauty editors, Spongellé body wash infused buffers gently remove unwanted residue without stripping the skin and create special relaxing beauty rituals. Time-stamping with fragrance is extremely regenerating to one's mind and spirit during this season of sheltering in place.  

We love giving our bathing rituals distinct centering fragrances to customize our SPF removal with spa-like scents that uplift or relax depending on the time of day. For example, we like evoking the mood of an invigorating walk along the shoreline or feeling like we escaped to sandy beach far, far away.  

How To Use Spongellé To Remove Daily SPF 

Our soap infused buffer collections cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and nourish in just one easy step. And because our body wash infused buffers are designed to be even more effective at removing germs and build-up than soap alone, we love using our Private Reserve, Flower Child, and Botanica Collections (just to name a few) to throughly remove the build-up of broad spectrum SPF. Just think about how much sun protection you layer on hour-by-hour, day by day, week by week, month by month? Regular cleansing isnt going to penetrate the loads of SPF layering sitting on your skin. 

Gently scrubbing your body with our dual-performing body sponges act like exhilarating, all-over exfoliationwhich is more effective than simply washing and rinsing with a wash cloth.  

In addition, our patented delivery system throughly cleanses and soothes with glycerin to hydrate with natural antioxidants like yuzu, vetiver, and edelweiss. Beauty Bonus: Using the gentle exfoliation of our dual-performing sponges allows your skin to absorb your skincare more efficaciously because youre removing dead skin and layers of buildup. 

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And because we like to give our hands and feet a lot of TLC, tooweve dedicated an entire line-up of Hand Buffers and Pedi Buffers to give yourself at-home hand and feet spa treatments without the need (or risk) of salon visits.

Seasonal and Daily Suncare Removal Ideas 

With the days, weeks, and months blending into one another latelywe like to dedicate individual collections for the mornings, nights, weekends. This is especially fun to do at the beginning of each season.  

Using different fragrances to transition amongst the seasons and daily cleansing, we use our sponge exfoliators to hold space for early mornings, afternoon breaks, relaxing evenings, and slower weekends.  

For example, we love Blood Orange in the morning time, Sugar Dahlia in the afternoons, French Lavender at bedtime, and interchange between Cinnamon & Honey Pumpkin Spice and Tobacco Vanilla moving into fall. 

Have you tried removing your daily SPF with Spongellé? Whats your favorite collection to use for removing sunscreen and the lingering effects of high summertime heat? Were hear to help you soak up some bliss so be sure to sound off below.  


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