What is Exfoliating Skin? A Vital Part of Your Skincare

What is Exfoliating Skin? A Vital Part of Your Skincare

When it comes to skincare, it can seem like everyone has an opinion of what’s the most important thing to do. Some people will say that moisturizers are crucial to prevent your skin from drying out, while others will say your top priority should be regularly applying sunscreen. While both of these are significant steps to include on your skincare to-do list, a routine that works for you should contain a little bit of everything you need. One thing that every skincare routine needs is exfoliation, but it’s easy to forget about.

Are you taking exfoliating as seriously as you should? Here are a few reasons why it should be high on your skincare to-do list.

Exfoliating Helps Keep Your Skin Soft and Smooth

Although it might not always feel like it, there are tons of dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin, waiting for you to whisk them away. As a part of the skin’s natural lifecycle, new layers grow as old ones flake off. Exfoliating works to assist the process; if you buy a high-quality bath sponge with a gentle exfoliating surface, it can help slough off these dead skin cells to reveal softer and smoother feeling skin just below. If you want to feel as soft and smooth as possible, exfoliating regularly is a must.

Exfoliating May Help Even the Appearance of Your Skin Tone

Many of us have some form of dark spots, rough patches, or even past acne scars on our bodies. Exfoliation may work to help put your skin back on an even playing field, helping to buff and polish away these rough areas to reveal a more uniform appearance over time. Combined with the rest of your skincare regimen, exfoliation can be a game changer.

Exfoliating Helps Your Products Work Better

With all of the dead skin cells whisked away, and a fresh layer of skin on the surface, your other products such as moisturizers and more can get much better penetration. Without exfoliation, the dead skin cells sitting on the surface are almost like a blanket and can keep your skincare products from penetrating as deeply as they could. With regular exfoliation, you might begin to notice a bump in your other products’ effectiveness.

Exfoliating Is Easy with a Premium Bath Sponge

If you think that regular exfoliation means that you have to buy specialized products or add a whole new step to your already hectic morning routine, think again! With just the right bath sponge with a textured exfoliating side, you can slough away dead skin cells during your morning shower or evening bath with ease. As a bonus, you can use an infused body buffer with a gentle cleanser built in to wash away any dirt and grime combined with an invigorating scent for an all-in-one spa-like experience at home.


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