What Is The Best Loofah Sponge for Kids?

What Is The Best Loofah Sponge for Kids?

If you are a parent, then you know that bath time can go one of two ways for your kids. They either love it, or they absolutely hate it. Unfortunately, most kids tend to fall into the latter category. If this is the case for your child, there are some things you can do to make bath time easier for both your child and you. Sometimes, with kids, all it takes is one little thing to suddenly make them like something. 

For example, sometimes parents will offer treats or rewards in exchange for doing chores or helping around the house. Kids will start to associate cleaning with something positive, and they will be far less likely to complain or get upset. The same thought process applies to bath time. Obviously, if you have really young kids, it can be harder to communicate things to them. But if your child is able to talk to you, then “negotiating” with bath time can be a huge help. 

On the other hand, maybe getting your kid into the bath isn’t the issue, but rather getting them to actually bathe themselves is the hard part. Sometimes kids just don’t like getting water on their faces, or they are scared of getting soap in their eyes. Or maybe they are simply stubborn (which is the case more often than not!). Whatever the reason, you have to show them that bath time is both important and fun. 

One way to do this is through the products your kids use while taking a bath. Regular old washcloths might not do the trick anymore. If you are looking for ways to make bath time more fun and enjoyable for your child, bath sponges might be a better option. We’ve got a few ideas, tips, and tricks to share with you when it comes to making bath time more enjoyable. Keep reading to find out what is the best body wash sponge for kids! 

How Can I Make Bath Time More Fun For My Kids?

This is the real trick to making sure there are no tears or meltdowns when you say it’s time for a bath. Making it fun is the only way to ensure things go smoothly. If you find the right products for bath time, your kids might just be begging to clean up after dinner! We put together a list of ideas for making bath time more fun for your kids, so check it out: 

  1. Use a body wash sponge specifically made for kids: Spongellé makes the perfect body wash infused sponges for kids’ bath time. They come in fun shapes, including a duck, a fish, and a butterfly. Let them choose which one they want so they can get excited about using it. Plus, they smell delicious and contain a gentle formula that is meant to cleanse and nourish the skin.

  2. Fill the tub with bath toys: This might seem obvious, but there are ways to get creative when rubber duckies and boats don’t cut it. You can use household objects, such as cups and cookware, and have them see what sinks and what floats. 

  3. Try magic bath paints or coloring products: There are some products that will let your kids “paint” or “draw” on the shower or bathtub walls. It’s all washable and will come off with water.   

  4. Have them wear a pair of goggles: For kids who are scared or worried about getting soap or water in their eyes, have them wear goggles. Show them how fun it can be to pour the water on their head and face, and the goggles will protect their eyes.  

  5. Teach them how to wash themselves to boost their confidence: You can use bath time as a way to teach your child independence. Give them their new body wash sponge from Spongellé and show them how to clean every nook and cranny. That way, they will feel like they have some power during bath time, which might make things less stressful. 

Are Bath Sponges Sanitary?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Overall, no, bath sponges are not sanitary, and neither are washcloths and loofahs. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, sponges are actually a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross, right? 

The reason for this is because germs can thrive in two scenarios: dampness and darkness. And what happens to your sponge after you use it in the shower, turn off the lights, and leave the bathroom? That’s right; it becomes both damp and dark. This is the time when mold and mildew begin to grow on anything that is left damp after use. 

There are two main risks associated with using a bath sponge or loofah. One is the germ issue, given the fact that most people don’t clean and sanitize their sponge properly. People love them for their exfoliating abilities, but then those dead skin cells just sit trapped in the sponge after using it. The other issue is, if you have sensitive skin, the abrasiveness of a sponge or loofah can be too much for your skin, and it can damage it over time. If your skin is red and blotchy after use, it’s too rough on your skin. 

The exception to sponges being unsanitary is Spongellé sponges. All of our sponges are infused with an antibacterial agent that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria. 

Plus, our sponges are disposable and replaceable. That means there’s less of a chance of bacteria growth when compared to a sponge that is used over and over without being cleaned. You will no longer have to worry about your bath sponge getting old, dirty, or germ-infested. 

If you have to choose between a bath sponge (that isn’t from Spongellé), a loofah, or a washcloth, go with the washcloth. If you have at least a few, you should be able to use a new washcloth after each use. This is ideal, but if you are low on washcloths or in a pinch, you can use the same washcloth two or three times. Try and never use it more than that (and the same applies to your bath towels). Remember, you want to try and be as sanitary as possible in order to prevent any bacteria growth! 

Are There Body Wash Sponges For Adults?

Now that you’ve read all about how great kids’ bath sponges are, you are probably wondering if there are adult body wash sponges for the bath or shower. And, great news: there are! You’ll be happy to know that Spongellé makes the best body wash sponges for both kids and adults. They can be used in the bath or shower, whichever you prefer. We’ve got plenty of options for you, including one for your feet!

Our body wash sponges are perfect for everyday use, and they will save you time and money while providing a luxurious experience. They act as a three-in-one product because they cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. That means you won’t have to do three separate steps in the shower anymore. Just lather it up and gently glide it over your skin for a truly deep cleanse. Don’t worry; it won’t strip your skin or leave you feeling dry. 

In fact, our sponges are infused with moisturizing agents that help to keep your skin soft, not dry it out. So don’t worry about over-exfoliating; our sponges have the perfect balance of exfoliating agents and moisturizing agents in order to keep your skin smooth and hydrated at all times. Plus, they come in a wide variety of scents and colors to choose from. No matter what your scent preference is, we’ve got a bath sponge for you!  


Bath time does not have to be a struggle for your child. It should be fun, relaxing and enjoyable! If it’s not, you should consider adding some new bath products to your routine to help make things more exciting. Sometimes, it’s all about finding one simple product or trick to get your kid to see the fun side of washing up and taking baths/showers! 

Our Sponge Animals are a great way to teach your child independence and confidence and help them get over their fear or dislike of bath time. They are so cute and smell great, which might leave Mom and Dad wanting one for themselves!


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