Travel Size Luxury Bath Products

If you have ever traveled through an airport and brought a carry-on you would like to check, you know the anxiety of praying you met TSA standards. First, it’s a great idea to separate your products from any other items in your carry-on.

The liquids rule from TSA says that you can bring only 3.4 ounces worth of liquid in your carry-on. If it is more than that, you risk discarding it or having to check it with your checked baggage.

Traveling light is an art form. If you are anything like us, we pack five extra outfits for a two-day trip. There is a lot to be learned when it comes to packing and we are here for it.

Pack Light

For planners, packing light can make you feel a bit anxious. What if you forget something? The truth is, no matter where you are headed you can likely purchase anything you really need. Most hotels even offer travel-size products such as razors and a spare toothbrush for these exact occasions. The logistics of traveling with multiple bags can be frustrating. More to lose, more to carry, and more worry about how they will fit in your rental car.

When packing, you want to make sure you bring clothes that are multifunctional and products that serve more than one purpose.

Make Products Count

Any time we even think of all the things we have to pack in order to travel it could make us cringe. One thing we do not have to worry about is our bath products. No need to worry about bringing along 10 different products.

Spongellé knows just what you need. We have a complete travel pack that comes with assorted scents to cover all of your cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and buffing needs. The best part is that you can use them multiple times during travel and discard them when you are finished.

You have six different amazing scents to choose from and by the end of using this convenient travel pack, you will know exactly which scent you love the most and can stock up on it! Already know your favorite scent? Our products come in mini spongettes for this very reason.

If you need a place to store your beloved buffer, we also carry a waterproof travel case in either black or white.

Travel Size Is the Way To Go

If you need the motivation to practice packing light, just think of the last time you traveled. Chances are, you did not say “Man, I wish I would’ve packed more.” Packing the necessities helps ensure you maximize your experience and worry less about all the luggage you have to lug around.

Whether you decide to pack light or heavy, one thing is for sure: we have your travel-size bath products ready for your next adventure.


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