Balance Your Bathing Experience

As the day rushes by, it can seem increasingly challenging to reconnect with your sense of inner peace and wellness. Finding that balance is crucial in preserving your mental, physical and emotional health.

We have no problem running around until we can hardly stand and scheduling things that aren’t really that important. Sometimes, in order to carve out much-needed downtime, you need to schedule it. Bath time is a perfect time to schedule relaxation and self-care into your daily routine.

Bathing is a necessity, and we can’t think of a more suitable place to create the peace you need to renew your energy.

Create Your Own Spa

Society can tell us we have to pay for an expensive spa experience. We are here to tell you that you can completely recreate one in the comfort of your own home. We don’t know about you, but we feel that you only need two basic things for your spa experience.

  1. The right products: Part of the spa experience that is most memorable is how it smells. Just the scent of quality products can have our muscles relaxing in minutes. We always leave a real spa wondering where to find the products that feel so luxurious and smell amazing.
  2. The right music: Music has the ability to transform our mood. It can be soothing, be playful, or anything you need it to be.

What Is a Chakra?

Energy centers in our body can be referred to as chakras. There are seven main chakras that are identified that coordinate with the length of your spine. It is thought that if these are blocked they play a role in “blocked energy.” This can manifest itself in certain physical and emotional disruptions.

In order to feel re-energized it is important to make sure you clear any negativity, meditate and unblock any chakra that may be blocked.

Using Spongellé’s Spiritual Detox Buffer can be the perfect start to help you focus on energy renewal. Our entire Spiritual Detox line is created around stimulating and balancing your chakras.

Refresh and Renew

What’s in a bath? It can be your run-of-the-mill water and bar soap or it can be a detoxifying, energy renewing, and spiritually refreshing experience. You are one pivotal tool away from creating an experience instead of “just a bath or shower.”

When we think about the highlights of our day, they usually include laughter, family, and trying to squeeze in some much-needed rest and relaxation. Our Spiritual Detox buffers are just what you’re looking for when it comes to a multipurpose product.

You can expect the advantage of each one coming with a chakra stone to help you meditate. You will love features such as multi-use out of your sponge, cleansing with a sponge that has an antibacterial property, and an all-in-one beauty product that leaves you feeling spiritually refreshed and renewed.


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