Unmistakably Spongellé®, explore editor-favorite gifts from the Allure Beauty Award Winner Private Reserve Diffuser to our unrivaled Body Gift Sets.

You need a gift, and it has to be just right. You don’t want it to be over the top, but you don’t want it to be not enough, either. When it comes to gifts, the old saying is true: it’s the thought that counts. Sure, you want to put some time and effort in when picking it out, but the fact that you are even getting someone a gift is what truly matters.

When you’re stuck and don’t know what to get someone, there’s always one safe bet. That safe bet is gift sets from Spongellé. If you are unsure about what scents someone likes or what specific products they’d like to try, a gift set is a perfect thing to get someone. A gift set will come with a few different options of a certain product so that the gift recipient can try them out and see what they like best and use the most.

For the bath and body enthusiast, you’ll find everything you need right here. We have gift sets with hand cream, body buffers, scent diffusers, and more. We also have different themes of gift sets depending on the occasion you are shopping for. Our Mother’s Day sets make a great gift for mom. We have a love collection that is sure to delight on Valentine’s Day. We also have beauty and floral sets perfect for birthdays and gifting friends just to brighten their days. If you have an occasion that needs a gift, we’ve got it, no matter what.

Bath and body products are personal, thoughtful, and so much fun. When you put them together in a gift set, it makes an even better gift. Just don’t forget to pick one up for yourself too!