A Morning Routine With Ideas for Everyone

A Morning Routine With Ideas for Everyone

Morning routines may be challenging to follow, but they’re an essential step to setting the tone for your day. Routines help prepare your mind, body, and soul for what’s to come. We’ve compiled a list of actions you can take to make your morning the best it can be. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and keep scrolling.

What Is a Routine?

A routine is an organized set of actions that you follow regularly. You’re probably already familiar with a routine, how to execute one, and how easy they are to abandon. An ideal example of this is New Year’s resolutions. We begin a new year with good intentions, yet, midway through the year (if we make it that far), we lose sight of the goal and forfeit determination. 

The once twinkle in our eye is replaced with boredom, neglect, and a piece of pie. Hopefully, this isn’t the case for you, but if it is, you understand fully. Routines are essential, but they aren’t always easy to maintain. 

Why Is Following a Routine Important?

Maintaining a daily routine leads to a healthier lifestyle. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves mental health, and allows more time to relax. 

What Are the Downsides of Not Following a Morning Routine?

Increased stress levels impact your health negatively by affecting your quality of life. Neglecting to create good habits may lead to:

  • Poor quality of sleep and a sluggish feel.
  • Unhealthy eating habits.
  • A lack of daily physical activity (exercise).

This is why it is crucial to create healthy habits and lifestyle choices.

What Are the Benefits of Following a Morning Routine?

There are many ways to benefit from following a morning routine. Forming new habits may take time, but it's worth it in the long run. The pros of following a routine include:

  • Better quality of sleep, leaving you rested and ready to conquer your day!
  • Reduced stress levels lead to reduced anxiety and better sleep.
  • Better overall health results from more time to plan physical activities.

A routine can be as structured or as relaxed as you prefer. You have the power to choose.

A Morning Routine for Everyone 

Everyone responds differently to routines and new habits, so it’s up to you to find what works best for you. The following morning routine ideas work well for many people. Begin by trying one tomorrow!

Morning Routine Ideas for Mindful People

Beginning a new day is inspiring. You have 24 hours to make a change, not only in your day but in your life. Here are a few morning routine ideas for days when you feel inspired.

Wake Up With the Sun

Set your alarm clock to sound right before dawn. Grab a glass of water or a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the sunrise. It helps improve your mood, reduces stress, and puts you into a mindset of perspective.

Start a Journal

Jotting down your thoughts and feelings helps create awareness and regulates emotion. It may also have an impact on your physical health. Grab a paper, pen, and your thoughts and note whatever comes to mind. 

Take a Deep Breath

Practice meditation or mindful breathing. Doing this helps reduce stress and increases mindfulness. Take a slow, deep breath, hold for three seconds, and release. Do this three times to increase oxygen to your brain and declutter your mind.

Morning Routine Ideas for Ultra-Motivated Days

On some mornings, you wake up ready to conquer the day. Here are several morning routines to incorporate into your schedule that will help nudge you along.

Set an Early Alarm

Set your alarm clock several minutes earlier than you’re accustomed to, and tackle the day with intent. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

Make Your bed 

Seven out of 10 people make their beds nearly every day. Making your bed sets an intention, brings order and balance to your life, and leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Make a List of Goals 

Whether daily, monthly, or yearly goals, goal setting provides long-term and short-term vision. It also helps build new habits and behaviors that lead to success.

Morning Routine Ideas for Relaxing Days

Slow, relaxing mornings don’t happen often, but when they do, savor them. Select any of these soothing morning routines to ease your way into the day.

Forgo the alarm clock

Allow your body to wake up naturally. Studies indicate that sleep inertia lasts between two to four hours. This is the time it takes you to transition from sleepy brain fog to complete wakefulness — which may explain the need for that extra cup of coffee.

Turn a Few Pages

Read a snippet or two from your favorite book, newspaper, or blog. Reading exercises the brain and increases focus, concentration, and literacy.

Cuddle Up

Cuddle your favorite person or pet. Hugging or cuddling for more than six seconds boosts the hormones oxytocin and serotonin. These hormones combat depression and make you feel happy and relaxed. Now that’s news worth cuddling up to!

Morning Routine Ideas for a Pampered Morning 

Some days require a little extra pampering, so treat yourself. The following spa-like morning routines just make you feel great.

Prepare a Simple Gourmet Breakfast 

A fancy breakfast just feels right some mornings. Plan ahead by pre-mixing the waffle batter and placing it in your fridge the night before. Pour it into the waffle iron the following day and finish it with your favorite toppings. Want to add a mental boost? Use almonds, pistachios, or macadamia nuts to boost your brain power!

Wear a Mask

Pamper your skin by wearing a face mask for a few minutes. Place the mask into the refrigerator for 30 minutes before application for a refreshing, chilled feel. Short on time? Place eye masks under your eyes and allow them to work their magic while you get dressed. 

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and makes you feel great! Use a gentle exfoliant to carefully slough away rough patches on your face, elbows, knees, and feet. Follow with a rich moisturizer to leave skin silky smooth, and hydrated.

Morning Routine Ideas When You’re Short on Time 

We all have mornings that go awry. Fortunately, there’s a morning routine for that too! Here’s a list of morning routine ideas for those with little time to spare.

Stop Snoozing

It is tempting to tap the snooze button, but doing so wreaks havoc on your morning routine. Instead of sleeping your morning away, get up when the alarm first sounds. This may seem an impossible feat, but counting to five may help. When you reach the number five, muster up the courage to peel yourself out of bed. Doing so saves time and helps create a productive routine.

Put Your Phone Down

Have you made it a habit to reach for your cell phone first thing in the morning? If so, create a habit of putting it down more often. Americans in their 20’s used their cell phones a weekly average of 28.5 hours in 2020 — a 2.6 percent increase from 2018. 

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver on mornings when you don’t have time to wash and dry your strands. A spritz or two around the hairline and crown freshens up your hair and scalp. Washing your hair the night before is also a handy way to save time the following day.

Which Morning Routine Is Right for You?

Only you know which morning routine is right for you. Try one and if it doesn’t work, try another. Don’t give up until you create healthy habits that incorporate well into your lifestyle. It takes time to form new habits, so be kind to yourself. Begin slow and take it one at a time.

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