Men's Personal Care: Starts in the Shower

Men's Personal Care: Starts in the Shower

The time you spend in the shower may be your only self-care time in the day. Don't rush through every step by using your three-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and cleanser as a double for body wash. Instead, take your time and get the most out of your daily shower. Men’s skin care and men’s grooming are just as important as anyone else’s. 

You can still make your shower routine optimal and efficient. Step out clean, refreshed, and ready to take on the day or hit the hay. We will go over men's personal care tips and how to elevate your shower experience. You'll learn what skin care products to use, how to use them, and the order of operations. 

Start With Shampoo 

When you first get into the shower, hair care comes first. Washing your hair should be your go-to. Once you wet your hair, apply your shampoo of choice. You can use a dandruff shampoo, if needed, or try a more hydrating option (if you have sensitive skin). Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

You don't need a handful of shampoo to get the job done. Use a nickel size amount if you don't have a lot of hair and a quarter size amount if you have long locks. Begin to lather the shampoo into your hair.

The point of shampoo is to clean the dirt and oil out your hair. Shampooing is also how you get your scalp clean. Make sure you're scrubbing your scalp with your fingertips to get a good clean. A healthy scalp will lead to healthier hair!

You can even use a scalp massage brush to help you get your whole head. The scalp brush can help remove any buildup and stimulate blood flow. The increase in blood flow can help promote hair growth. It could also help your hair shaft grow stronger and thicker. 

Once your hair is clean, rinse thoroughly to make sure all the shampoo is gone. 

Use Conditioner

After shampoo, it's time for conditioner. It may be tempting to skip conditioner if you have short hair, but even your short hair needs hydration. It also will help protect your hair from future damage and reduce frizz. 

You can use the same amount of conditioner that you do for shampoo. You don't need to work the conditioner into your roots. Instead, focus most of the product on the ends of your hair. 

Don't rinse your hair immediately. Give it a minute to sit to get the full benefits. Finish by rinsing out the conditioner thoroughly. It can leave your hair looking greasy if you don't get it all out. 

Wash Your Body

Up next is your body. If you're one of those guys who thinks the shampoo running down your body on its way to the drain makes you clean, it doesn’t. You need to scrub off all the dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells. 

The first step is to grab your Spongellé 20+ Men's Gallant Buffer. The buffer is infused with a rejuvenating triple butter body wash that will leave you smelling amazing. It will also help you exfoliate and cleanse while brightening the skin. Scrub your entire body, from your feet to the back of your ears. It’s one of our best sellers for a reason. We also have a travel size version of this buffer for those who are on the go. 

The buffer isn't super abrasive and won't irritate your skin. However, if you're more old school and you want to use a washcloth, you can lather it in Spongellé's Coconut Verbena Body Wash. It's formulated with amino acids to help you retain moisture all day. It also has Pro-Vitamin B5 to stabilize your skin's natural barrier. It works great for oily skin or dry skin. 

Use the washcloth to scrub your body, making sure to get all the necessary areas. Just remember to throw your washcloth in the washer and get a fresh one. You don't want to be cleaning your body with a washcloth covered in yesterday's gunk. Finish by rinsing off all of the suds and any lingering dirt. 

Wash Your Face 

By now, your pores are open from the steam from the water, and it's time to wash your face. You may not be washing your face at all or washing it first. However, you need to clean your face, and you should do it after washing your hair.

Naturally, as you rinse your shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, it will get on your face. You don't want to leave any of that residue behind because it can clog your pores and turn into blemishes. No one wants that!

Pick a face wash that works with your skin type. There are face washes for people that struggle with acne, dry skin, or if you want something with an anti-aging formula.

You can use a dime size amount of your face wash of choice and begin massaging it onto your skin using circular motions. Don't skip your hairline since that's where there may be traces of shampoo and conditioner. 

You want to wash your face for at least 60 seconds. If you only wash your face for 10 seconds, that will not benefit your skin. The whole minute will give the active ingredients in your face wash time to penetrate your skin. You can also apply a face mask in the shower while your pores are open. Try one with niacinamide or acne-fighting ingredients, depending on your skin type. 

Shave Away 

If you're a man that likes to have smooth skin, now is the time to shave. You may want to shave your facial hair after your shower by looking in the mirror to avoid any nicks or cuts, but you can shave any other areas. There are also special mirrors you can get to hang in your shower that won't fog up if you want to shave everything at once. 

Shaving after you've been in the shower for a while is key because your skin will have absorbed some of the water. The added hydration will help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. You can also apply aftershave when you’re out of the shower. 

Use shaving cream, foam, bar soap, or aloe vera gel on the area where you will be shaving. The product will help your razor glide smoothly over the skin. The thin layer of protection minimizes friction and reduces the risk of razor burn, redness, and irritation. It can also help hydrate your skin and leave you feeling more refreshed. 

You also want to be using a good razor. A cheap disposable razor doesn't do a great job. You'll have to go over the same area multiple times to get all the hair, leading to skin irritation. Meanwhile, a high-quality razor will be able to get the hair in one pass.

Post-Shower Routine

Once you're done with your shower, your personal care routine continues with grooming products. Dry yourself off using the pat-down technique and grab the lotion. Moisturizing after your shower is an absolute must. 

By applying lotion, you can help reduce future skin problems. Moisturizing daily will help you avoid everything from dryness to oiliness. A hot shower can dry out your skin and even affect your skin's protective barrier. Replenishing your skin after your shower is crucial. Don’t forget the face lotion too. Try and get one that’s dermatologist-recommended. 

You don't want your skin to be completely dry after your shower. Leave a little water behind for added hydration. The lotion will help lock in the water and keep your skin moisturized and smooth for longer.

Try using Spongellé's Coconut Verbena Body Lotion. The emollient formula will provide you with the perfect amount of hydration. 

After you moisturize your body, use a moisturizer for your face. If it's a morning shower, look for a product that contains sunscreen. The SPF will help protect your skin from sun damage. You can use a toner (we love a nice vitamin C toner for your skin care routine) and eye cream as extra products too. If it’s nighttime, you can also use retinol to help with dark spots and fine lines. Use a heavier night cream. 

Lastly, finish off your routine with some deodorant and you’ll be good to go.

Pro Shower Tips 

Shower Temperature: As previously mentioned, hot water can dry out your skin and cause other problems. To keep your skin and hair as healthy as possible, turn your water temperature down a tad. It doesn't need to be ice cold, but it shouldn't be scolding hot either. 

Shorter Showers: While standing in the shower for an hour may seem relaxing, you're taking too long. Your entire shower routine should take about 10 minutes. You especially don't want to spend more time if you are taking really hot showers. Plus, shorter showers will cut way back on your water bill!

Aggressive Scrubbing: You don't need to scrub your skin with your buffer or washcloth aggressively. If you look in the mirror after your shower and you're all red, you're going too hard. A gentle scrub is all you need to get clean. 

Dry Rack: You should make sure your buffer, razor, and washcloth can dry properly after your shower. Otherwise, the warm moist environment can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Hang them on a drying rack so they can drip dry. 

Rub a Dub Dub 

Now you're ready to take your shower game to the next level. Using the right products and water temperature will leave you with happy, healthy hair and skin. Once you get the routine down, it will become a calming ritual. Spongellé products will leave you smelling great and feeling even better. 



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