15 Ways To Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

15 Ways To Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

If you ask us, getting dirty is a childhood right of passage. Remember what it was like to get covered and smothered in dirt from outdoor play? Between digging for worms, climbing trees, and making mud pies, the possibilities for getting dirty were endless. 

For some parents, teaching their little ones how to avoid dirt is a high priority. But did you know that studies have shown that getting down with the dirt is actually good for you? Yup, it's true — experts say it provides kids unique tactile experiences, boosts their tiny immune systems, and makes them happy, among many other benefits. 

In other words, getting dirty is not only awesome but healthy! So let your little ones have fun in the sun without any repercussions for muddy paws, sticky fingers, and dirty faces. After all, a little dirt can always be fixed with a bit of time in the bath. But what if you've got a reluctant bather on your hands? Not to worry — Spongellé is here to help!

In this article, we're exploring some of the best ways to combat dirt and help make bath time more enjoyable for kids. So if you're on a mission to bump up the fun quotient, keep reading — here are 15 tips for a fun bathing experience. 

1. Color It

One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to getting fussy bathers interested in bath time is this: get your hands on some kid-safe dye, add a few drops to the water, and voilá — you just made time in the tub way more interesting!

2. Colored Ice Cubes

Rather than adding dye directly to the bath water, add a tiny bit of that dye and some water to an ice tray and freeze. During bath time, drop a few cubes in and watch as your kiddo chases them around as they melt. 

Not only is this a whole lot of fun, but the cubes will eventually dye the bath a fun color as well — which is an added benefit because your tiny tot will likely not want to get out of the bath, giving you plenty of time to rub-a-dub-dub. 

3. Bubbles and Straws

Kids can have a whole lot of fun blowing bubbles in a bath, but if you want to take the level of fun up a notch, try adding some super sudsy dish soap into the water to really get things going. This doubles as a great way to calm your fussy tot down during a temper tantrum.

After adding your bubble bath solution, toss some plastic straws into the tub and get your kiddos to blow bubbles under the water with them. They'll learn what happens when you push air into the water and how it forms bubbles that surface to the top

4. Turn Up the Tunes

Unleash your inner rockstar and sing a mashup of made-for-the-tub-tunes (like "Rubber Duckie," "Baby Shark," and "Splish Splash"). Your kiddos will love it — even if you're undoubtedly off-key. 

5. Pool Party

Is rainy weather preventing your kids from playing in the pool? Throw a fun pool party in the bath instead. With a swimsuit, beach balls, a snorkel, and a bucket, you can turn bath time into fun without the sun. 

Note: All pool parties include lots of splashing, so prepare your floor with a dry towel or two. 

6. Fun Sponges

Say "later gator" to boring, basic sponges, and hello to our fascinating Spongeasaurus Buffers! These adorable dinosaur-inspired buffers will fossilize bath time into your kids' memories by adding a fun and educational element into the mix. With a T-Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus to choose from, we predict that bath time will never become a thing of the past! 

To use our buffers, simply place the sponge under the water before squeezing it to absorb. Massage in a circular motion to cleanse your little one's skin. Squeeze out any excess water after each use, and your sweet pea is good to go. 

7. Host a Beach Bath

Craving sun, surf, and sand? Throw your own beach bash right in the bathtub. Beach balls, shells, our Fish Sponge, and bathing cuties make for one sunshine-filled afternoon. 

Pro Tip: Add a few drops of blue kid-safe dye into the water for true oceanic vibes.

8. Try Bath Books

Plastic-coated bath books are the bee's knees for reading in the water. Choose options that match the aquatic scene, such as fun tales about mermaids, pirates, or ocean creatures

9. Shampoo Fun

Hardly anything will make your giggle monster laugh more than a silly game of beauty parlor in the bathtub. Shape your kiddo's shampooed hair in different shapes and hairstyles, such as a sleek Mohawk or crazy spikes. 

Just be sure to have a mirror handy, so they can check out their new hair-do. You can even encourage your little ones to try sculpting their own shampoo-filled hair on their own to see what they come up with. The possibilities are endless!

10. Pool Noodle Trick

Got some old pool noodles lying around? Time to put those babies to use! Cut them in different shapes and sizes before tossing them into the bath water. These fun little floaters can make for wonderful toys for your kids to play with when they're not really in the mood for bath time.

11. Where's the Soap?

Who ever knew that soap could be so much fun? 

Drop a bar of soap into a bath filled with super sudsy bubbles and have your kiddo try to find it. If you have a mini Sherlock Holmes on your hands, make the activity harder by asking them to find it without using their hands. 

12. Squirt Gun Fun

If you've got some squirt guns or squirters lying around, bring them into the bath and let your kid have a blast with them. Make some DIY targets and place them around the tub for them to squirt. To add in an extra layer of fun, add in some bath paints and foam soap! 

Is your kiddo too little to handle a squirt gun? Get the same effect for your baby with a DIY squirt gun — a turkey baster. Let them watch as you squeeze the bulb and dip the tip in the water before filling the tube with H2O and teaching them how to aim at tub toys.

13. Make a Race Track

Start your engines and gear up for a speedy trip around the racetrack! Use the entire bathtub as a fun play space by bringing your tiny tot's cars into the bathroom. Mini trucks, convertibles, and tractors can vroom-vroom along the tub's edge. 

14. Water Balloons

Think water balloons are just for hot summer days? Think again! Toss a few in the tub with your youngster, and just like that — the bath got interesting. Fill a few with H2O and some with air so that they sink and float. 

15. Make It Glow

Last on the list (but certainly not least), make a glow-in-the-dark tub. Dim the lights and add all sorts of items that glow to the water, such as glowsticks and stick-on stars. After your sweet pea experiences their first glow-in-the-dark bath, they'll never want a regular lights-on bath ever again!

Wrapping Things Up

For some parents, bath time is a breeze, but for others, it can be a pretty challenging feat. If you're the latter or simply on a mission to make time in the tub a bit more fun, we recommend exploring the 15 fun bath tips listed above. Whether you decide to read stories, have a dance party, or get sudsy with our kid-approved sponges, your little one is sure to have a blast.

Here at Spongellé, we know how tough it can be to keep tiny tykes interested in bath time. That's why we created a Kids Collection full of fun buffers and sponges. From butterflies and duckies to dinosaurs and fish, we're confident that your kids will love Spongellé.

Check us out today for a happier bath time tomorrow!



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