Why Are Body Scrubs Good For You?

Why Are Body Scrubs Good For You?


Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against pollutants and daily irritants. 

It wins a lot of battles by being strong and resilient, but it has a few foes, and it could use a routine assist to help our skin stay healthy and strong. From regular build-up of dead skin cells, leftover make-up, oil, sweat residue just from our daily grind, and not to mention the stresses of the day--our skin gets tired and in need of pampering.

The way back to fresh, happy, glowing skin is virtually effortless and can be an invigorating experience, but it is one of the most neglected — using a body scrub and exfoliating.

Using a body scrub is simple, straightforward, and the number one way to rejuvenate lackluster limbs. Most women have a face care routine to rival a movie star, but our bodies tend to get much less TLC other than regular washing and occasional moisturizing. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the many benefits of using a body scrub, how to use one, how often you should use a body scrub to get the best results. We’ll also discuss a few key ways you can easily start using a body scrub as soon as your next shower and begin seeing results.

How to Exfoliate

First, let’s talk about how you actually should use a body scrub. Scrubs are made up of an abrasive, usually suspended in a sudsy solution or oil. Body scrubs are used by rubbing the abrasive gentle into the skin in a circular motion and then rinsing the scrub from the body.

On body scrub days, wash before your scrub or only use body wash on the really grimy areas as following a body scrub with a body wash can remove any extra moisture you just added with your scrub. 

Benefits of Using a Body Scrub Regularly


Get ready for clear, smooth skin!

Body scrubs exfoliate the top layer of your skin to clear away dry and dead skin cells. This process leaves skin soft and smooth, brightened and refreshed, ready to start a new day. Why not set aside time to pamper your body the way you do your face? Always look for quality ingredients known to smooth and moisturize. Go ahead and give your whole body a rejuvenating facial!

Give new life to problem areas.

Elbows and knees are typically the most challenging aspects of the body to smooth out. No matter how many moisturizers or how much body lotion you apply, you can still end up with dry, rough skin around your joints. An exfoliating body scrub is the best way to tackle these annoying dry spots. Just be sure to moisturize after exfoliation to lock in those soothing ingredients.

Soon to be moisturized, silky smooth skin.

Most beauty experts agree that exfoliating and following up with a moisturizer helps the moisturizer penetrate more deeply and be more effective. Removing dull and dead skin cells from your body’s surface layer allows the skin to absorb moisturizers more effectively.

Suffer from body acne?

Reduce blemishes and red spots with exfoliation.

Using a body scrub regularly can also be a great addition to your body acne-fighting regimen. Exfoliants remove build-up, pesky sebum, and help unclog pores by sloughing off those unneeded old skin cells.

Relief from razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Exfoliating with a body scrub before shaving helps lift the hair from the skin while softening and smoothing out the skin. Exfoliating even softens the hair follicles, making a smooth shave much more attainable. 

Using a body scrub also helps keep ingrown hairs at bay, says Cosmopolitan, by keeping those pores and follicles clean and clear of clogging useless old cells you can stop errant hairs from growing sideways or down.

Let go of the stresses of the day!

Exfoliating doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Honestly, it is one of the most relaxing, luxuriously pampering routines you can take on. Not only does a body scrub rejuvenate the skin, but the act of scrubbing the body is like a stimulating massage that leaves you feeling squeaky clean, refreshed, and relaxed. 

Body scrubs also come in some of the most divine and relaxing scents turning an everyday shower into the most relaxing spa treatment, literally washing your stress away down the drain.

Body Scrub Pro Tips and Tricks

While the method of applying the product is simple, you should always keep these tips in mind for a better, healthier body scrub routine:

  • Temperature plays a key role. Before applying the scrub to your body, soften your skin with warm, not hot water first. Warm water softens up the skin and opens pores, but too hot water can remove moisture from the skin or irritate it before you’ve even begun to scrub. 
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse. Be sure to rinse all the product off your skin as leftover scrub, if forgotten, can continue to rub and irritate tender skin. 
  • Rinse with colder water. Pores open with heat, but close back up when exposed to cooler temps. Cool down before exiting the shower and help seal in that moisture. 
  • Be gentle. scrubbing your skin is not like scrubbing a dirty pan, more pressure does not lead to better results. Instead, the power of the scrub is in regular usage. Make sure to pay special attention to your problem areas. Again, don’t scrub vigorously as overusing or scrubbing too hard with a body scrub can actually cause damaging micro-tears in the skin well as irritation and redness. 
  • Don’t exfoliate every day. choose one to two days a week to include a body scrub into your shower routine. Plan for the extra time it will take you to get used to your new task, and gently massage the body scrub into all the areas of your skin from neck to toes.

Find the Body Scrub that is Right for Your Skin

How to exfoliate differs from person to person. 

We all have different skin types, sensitivities, and various problem areas, and not all body scrubs and exfoliants are created equal. 

There are several different types of exfoliants on the market and various common lathers used in these products. Choosing an effective scrub will depend on your skin’s sensitivity. Still, we suggest keeping an eye out and steering clear of harsh solvents that can often be found in off-the-shelf products. They will negate any moisturizing benefits that your scrub may have as these ingredients unnecessarily strip natural oils from the skin. 

Always read the ingredients label to have the knowledge you need before you buy and stick with trusted brands.

How Often Should You Use a Body Scrub?

As a general rule of thumb, start off slow using your body scrub once per week and gradually increase to three to four times a week, as needed. Everyone’s body responds differently to exfoliation. You have to find a schedule that works for you and your skin. 

Using an exfoliating body scrub daily can aggravate the skin, while not exfoliating enough is ineffective, and you’ll still end up with those frustrating clogged pores and the dry, cracked skin you’ve been wanting to deploy. 

If you know you have sensitive skin, definitely have a discussion with your dermatologist first and apply a test patch to the back of your hand to see your skin’s reaction before moving forward with a new product. 

Product Suggestions

With countless products on the market, at Spongellé, we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right fit for your skin by only using the most effective technology, the finest ingredients, and of course, an essential touch of luxury.

The Spongology eco-friendly line comes in various soy-based sponges infused with natural ingredients, extracts, and non-synthetic fragrances. These are perfect for the eco-conscious and those who have more sensitive skin. These sponges are gentle on the skin and the environment.

Looking for luxurious bubbles and intoxicating scents? These body wash infused buffers suds up beautifully without any extra effort and are infused with your choice of luxury scent. Choose a soft exotic scent with a hint of the islands with this coconut verbena wildflower buffer. Looking for a more robust, earthy, and woody aroma? Try out this sweet cedarwood buffer with its rich fragrance and foamy suds.

Want an easy way to exfoliate those hard to reach curvy areas? An alternative option for exfoliating your bum and tummy region? An exfoliating glove is great for getting into all the nooks and crannies, leaving you with soft, smooth skin.

Want to focus on your dry hands and feet and give yourself a relaxing mani-pedi at home? Treat your hard-working fingers and toes to an exfoliating massage while creating a relaxing appointment at the salon from your own living room. 

Add in a face mask, and you’ve got yourself a full-on day at the spa packed into fifteen minutes of free time. Your fingers and toes will thank you!

Choose a scrub and get started!

No matter which route you go, one thing is for sure, body scrubs are good for your mind, body, and soul.

Exfoliating regularly with a body scrub will not only relax and invigorate your day but will bring life and radiance back into tired, dull hard-working skin while promoting new and healthy skin and habits in the process. If you haven’t started your routine yet, it’s as easy as turning on the faucet and we recommend you give it a try. 

Your skin will thank you!