What is Yuzu?

What is Yuzu?

You wanted to know more about yuzu, and we heard your call. So, what is yuzu exactly? What’s the big deal?

The first thing to know is that yuzu is a citrus fruit originally native to parts of China and Tibet. Yuzu is now widely cultivated in Japan, regions of Korea, and recently, some arborists in California have begun to cultivate this exotic, knobby little fruit. It kind of resembles a mini version of a grapefruit, and some even get to the same size.

Though the yuzu has recently gained popularity in the beauty world, this rare fruit is not actually a new fruit. It has been cultivated and cherished for thousands of years in South-Eastern Asia.

We’ll cover what yuzu is and how it can bring major benefits to your skin care regimen. And, we’ll touch on some other cool and useful benefits of the yuzu. You’ll be a regular yuzu user in no time!

The Yuzu Tree and Its Southeast Asian Origin

This zesty fruit has been popular in kitchens and traditional medicine across Southeast Asia for many years. Yuzu is currently going through a rebirth and resurgence in kitchens all over the world. And, it is known to pair well with everything from fatty and savory dishes to delicate desserts.

Yuzu is popular throughout Japan for its uniquely pleasing aroma that melds all the heavenly attributes of orange, lemon, and lime combined. This powerful fruit has been used in tinctures in Japan for its unequivocal health benefits long before it graced world markets. It is an annual tradition to bathe in a warm bath full of sliced and floating Yuzu fruit on the night of the winter solstice.

In recent years the cosmetic industry started to take notice of this sunny little superfruit and its age-defying benefits. Now, premium brands are kicking it up a notch by infusing yuzu into their formulas.

Be sure not to mix it up with the sudachi fruit, which is a cross between a yuzu and a mandarin orange. There are also specialty breeds of yuzu around Japan that vary when it comes to ripeness, and therefore may bring different flavors and scents to the end product.

Benefits of Yuzu Fruit and Extract

So what does this humble little yuzu do?

Being a citrus fruit, yuzu’s peel and flesh are both incredibly high in vitamin C. This makes it an extremely powerful antioxidant that can help fight off damaging free-radicals. This vitamin C concentration only increases as the fruit is left to ripen over winter on the tree. The fruit is picked once it reaches prime ripeness, and the peel is then cold pressed to extract its almost miraculous essence.

The presence of these powerful antioxidants makes yuzu an integral ingredient for fighting off damage from UV rays and environmental pollutants. 

The Yuzu fruit also inhibits specific processes that bind sugar with proteins in our bloodstream, which can ultimately break down and weaken the collagen in our skin.

Yuzu doesn’t just protect your skin from damage, it also rejuvenates the skin. An extract made from the Yuzu fruit seeds is now known to assist in thickening the outer layers of your skin and helping you regenerate new cells. 

This benefit is unparalleled in a world of available age-defying extracts.

Why should you include vitamin C in your beauty routine?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a masterful anti-aging property. It contains a substantial amount of antioxidants that help fight against premature aging caused by free radicals in our environments.

Free radicals cause inflammation, which is the base of a number of skin issues, including breakouts, collagen and elasticity breakdown, and excess melanin production that creates dark spots on the skin.

As we age, the collagen and elasticity in our skin naturally depletes, but the introduction of free radicals causes this process to happen more quickly. 

Daily use of vitamin C can keep you having younger looking skin well into old age. It stimulates collagen production and repairs previously damaged skin cells. It also naturally brightens skin by minimizing excess melanin formation in the skin. 

Yuzu’s Wonderful Effects

We love yuzu because it loves you. When you use a product with yuzu, you’ll gain access to some amazing side effects.

Besides its main benefits, yuzu has also been known to:

  • Support cognitive function and brain health
  • Contain powerful limonoids
  • Support immune health and immune function
  • Support heart health and healthy cholesterol
  • Support the respiratory system (when diffused as an essential oil)

It is even said that the scent of the yuzu has a calming effect and can relieve tension and restlessness. The list of scientifically-studied benefits of the yuzu is continuing to get longer while new research around this fantastic plant is still being released.

So, if you see an awesome product with yuzu involved, you’re going to be capturing some major benefits for your mind and body.

Yuzu’s Use in Modern Skincare

Nowadays, you can see yuzu used quite regularly in the ingredients lists of Korean face masks and prominent anti-aging serums on the market, but there is still more to come from this succulent little powerhouse.

Yuzu’s antioxidant-rich extract makes it the perfect addition to face scrubs and body butters alike. Not only does it imbibe a world of true relaxation, but it helps clear the mind with its invigorating citrus notes, making it the perfect addition to brightening toners and summery sunscreens.

Products made around the world, including the USA, are also beginning to include yuzu as an option due to its various positive benefits for the skin.

Spongellé’s Top Five Products Showcasing the Benefits of Yuzu Extract

You’re now ready to explore some cool products that feature yuzu!

  1. This highly rated Papaya Yuzu infused pedi-buffer makes light work of scaly feet, relishing moisture and softening the skin around the heels.
  2. Every effective skincare regimen needs powerful moisturizers to smooth out and infuse the skin with the added moisture it needs to stay bright. This Lait Pour Le Corps contains a blend of Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Vitamin E with the soft scent of papaya yuzu.
  3. When it comes to deep, relaxing hydration paired with the ease of a body wash infused buffer, the floral, yet musky aroma of the Patchouli Rose boxed buffer is here to enlighten you.
  4. This infused body buffer blends the trifecta of skin rejuvenating yuzu, vetiver, and Edelweiss flower properties that transform a normal everyday shower into an afternoon at the spa. The Eucalyptus Rain Boxed Flower is blanketed in a transporting and relaxing lavender, eucalyptus, citrus scent.
  5. Combining tantalizing citrus zest with ginger and warm and milk vanilla, the Vanilla Zest Boxed Flower is a relaxing vegan friendly at home spa-like treatment for your skin. 

With so many to choose from, it is almost impossible to walk away from a great yuzu product.

Now that you’re ready for skin awesomeness with yuzu, you may find it has some other uses besides skin perfection.

Yuzu Beyond Beauty: A Taste Bud Sensation

Yes, yuzu is amazing for body wash and other skin products. But what else is there to get from the world of the yuzu? Well, how about some culinary delight?

With Yuzu’s gaining popularity in the foodie world, the traditional recipe for Yuzu Kosho, a citrusy and spicy condiment, is fermented with salt and spicy green or red chilis and it can be slathered on short ribs or mixed with soy sauce to create the perfect dipping sauce. It’s known to many foodies as a “Holy Grail” of flavor that can transform any dish into a masterpiece.

It’s even used in hot sauces, teas, jams, and protein powders!

Yuzu is making its way across the dinner table and into desserts with sweet and spicy cakes gracing the counters of New York bakeries and fine dining menus. Tantalizing for the taste buds and filled with the attributes of the fountain of youth? Getting in your daily dose of free-radical fighting vitamin C has never tasted so good.

Yuzu Benefits You in So Many Ways

The world is still discovering all the amazing benefits the yuzu fruit has to offer. With such a unique flavor profile and incredible age-defying properties we are sure to see a rise in products, treats, and treatments boasting its rich, zesty, intense flavors and staggering scent. 

You won’t regret picking up a product featuring yuzu--you may even become slightly addicted to it!

Yuzu is a truly luscious and remarkable fruit that was previously only enjoyed by the likes of ancient gods. Your skin deserves the very best treatment, and a little yuzu extract can be the answer. Treat yourself!