Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

While in an ideal world we’d all be able to roll out of bed gracefully before the alarm, hit the gym, jump in the shower, and get ready just in time to get to work early—for most of us, that’s just not the case. Even if you’re someone who can get out of bed without hitting snooze, if your morning routine isn’t a well-oiled machine, then you might start every day in a bit of a rush.

Nailing down the perfect morning routine isn't impossible if you make a few changes and add in a couple of contingency steps to make sure you never forget something again. Here are some tips to help speed up your morning routine, so you start every day rested, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer your goals for the day.

It Starts the Night Before

Have you considered that maybe not everything needs to be done in the morning? Things like shaving or showering are perfectly suitable nighttime activities, and with more time, you won't need to rush. After all, your body buffer works just as well no matter the time of day.

In addition, you can also do things like organize your makeup products and plan out your outfits the day before so you can save your groggy mind some effort in the morning. Plus, if you’re like most, you might find yourself changing between outfits in the morning to pick the perfect office- and weather-appropriate look. Pick a few go-to combos ideal for any weather and jot them down so you always have an easy choice on those days where you just can’t figure out what to wear.

Use Products That Do More

Multitasking products are considerable time savers and can help you do more with your precious morning time. For example, a premium bath sponge from a company like Spongellé will take care of exfoliating, washing, and moisturizing your skin in the morning all in one. When you use products that do more than one thing, you can get in and out of the shower and out the door quicker.

Make a Morning Playlist

If you struggle to get up and go in the morning, having a dedicated morning playlist of tunes guaranteed to get you moving is a quick way to speed up your routine. Choose a handful of songs that put a smile on your face and wake you up, and you’ll actually have fun while getting ready.

Also, having a dedicated playlist and listening to the same songs every morning will help you track your time. For example, if you know that by the end of the third track you should be out of the shower and onto your hair, it’ll be easier to stay on schedule and not run late.

Don’t Rush

This tip might seem counterintuitive—after all, isn't having a quick morning routine all about rushing around? In actuality, when you rush through your morning, you tend to forget things or make simple mistakes that end up taking more time. How many times have you messed your makeup up in a rush only to spend more time redoing it? Or have you ever forgotten your phone at home and then wasted time turning back to grab it? Instead of rushing, make sure that you’re getting to bed at the right time so you can get a full night’s rest and have plenty of time to get ready in the morning.


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