The Perfect Buffer for Every Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Buffer for Every Zodiac Sign

Whether youre versed in astrology or simply enjoy discovering fun zodiac traits, weve paired your sun sign with the most compatible Spongellé® fragrant body buffer for you!

Discover your signs exact fragrance match with a custom-scented horoscope to keep you smelling fresh, elevate your cosmic energy, and go Beyond Cleansing®.

Aries - Men’s Super Buffer

Known for their ambitious nature, Aries love to make a lasting impression. Driven by passion and with a magnetic air of confidence, Aries are attracted to hypnotic fragrances. The boldness of our Men’s Super Buffer in Verbena Absolute is a match made in heaven for any Aries—regardless of gender. With invigorating notes of apple, clove, and spicy amber, our Verbena Absolute is the spark this fire sign needs to set the night ablaze.

Taurus - Apple Blossom Art Chinois Body Buffer

Taurus craves pure relaxation. Always in search of serene atmospheres, this earth sign likes feeling grounded with soothing aromas like our Apple Blossom Art Chinois. Steeped in the lush fragrance notes of red apple, peony, and soft patchouli, Taurus will also appreciate the beauty of the Art Chinois Collection.

Gemini - Coconut Verbena Body Buffer

Those born under the sign of Gemini will love the citrus rush of our Coconut Verbena Boxed Flower. Mercurial and witty, this air sign will appreciate the soothing combination of coconut, peach, jasmine, and amber. Detail seekers at heart, Geminis will love the jewel box packaging and the spontaneous bursts of sun-kissed lemon. 

Cancer - Bulgarian Rose Body Buffer

Maternal and super affectionate, Cancers love treating themselves and others to skin-nourishing TLC. Charmed by the allure of cinnamon, sweet glove, tuberose, and cozy musk, this water sign is a perfect match for our Bulgarian Rose Body Buffer. Captivated by warm fragrances, Cancers will fall in love with one of our most romantic scents meets soft bath sponge design.

Leo - White Ginger Hawaiian Body Buffer 

Our White Ginger Hawaiian Body Buffer's sensual bursts of ginger and spicy amber pair perfectly with Leos playful energy. Passionate and extra-spirited, this fire sign is drawn to the vivacious fragrance combination of white orchids and indulgent island florals—evoking the feeling of warm Hawaiian nights.

Virgo - Apple Blossom Art Chinois Body Buffer

Perfectionists at heart, Virgos always seek an ideal match. Earth signs should look no further than our Apple Blossom Art Chinois Body for full-body pampering. Infused with an inviting blend of red apple and soft patchouli, Virgos will appreciate the practicality of our cleansing-meets-polishing buffer with the scent of freesia and peony petals.

Libra - Edelweiss Body Buffer

Harmony-seeking Libras will love our balancing Edelweiss Elevation Boxed Flower. Ideal for air signs, its infused with calming fragrances of pear, melon, lemon peel, cucumber, and a seductive burst of bergamot and musk. Ruled by Venus, Libras will love the beauty and high art of this elevated Body Wash Infused Buffer®. 

Scorpio - Mystic Ginger Spiritual Detox Body Buffer

Scorpios are known for their strong psychic abilities and will feel very empowered by our Mystic Ginger Spiritual Detox. This water sign will appreciate the detoxifying nature of our jade stone to clear out negativity and supercharge chakras related to personal growth. Use it to cleanse, gently exfoliate, and wash away negativity with a blend of orange, ginger, peppermint, and Earl Grey. 

Sagittarius - Sicilian Blood Orange Riviera Body Buffer 

Passionate, with a penchant for travel, Sagittarius gravitates towards our dreamy Sicilian Blood Orange Riviera Body Buffer because they love to unwind and pamper themselves whenever the mood strikes. This fire sign embraces the Mediterranean scents of Southern Italy including juicy blood orange, passionfruit, and sultry aquatic musk. 

Capricorn - Sparkling Sage Body Buffer

Delivering the positive energy a Capricorn needs, our Sparking Sage Boxed Buffer infuses notes of bergamot, lemon, and eucalyptus into a soothing cleansing sponge this earth sign can get behind. Super grounding, this body buffer features luscious earthy notes of sage, cedarwood, and musk to round out a gratifying cleansing experience.

Aquarius - Crimson Crush Body Buffer

Driven by a love of fashion, Aquarians gravitate towards our Crimson Crush Boxed Duo. Inspired by Northern Italys capital of design, this air sign shares a natural kinship with our Milano Collection, the hub of glamour, fashion, and fragrance. Inspired by Italy’s coastal destinations, our body buffer cleanses, exfoliates, and massages with the luxuriously relaxing scents of cucumber, water fruits, magnolia, and violet leaf.

Pisces - Night Jasmine Body Buffer

Sensitive and pleasure-seeking, Pisces are attracted to all aspects of romance—including mysterious, aphrodisiac scents. With a unique flair for the dramatic, this water sign loves the allure of exotic woods and sweet aromas. This makes our Night Jasmine Boxed Flower with glazed berries and amber musk a natural fragrance fit.