Summer Self-Care Routine for Optimal Mind & Body

Summer Self-Care Routine for Optimal Mind & Body

Summer is a time to slow down and relax, but it can also be a busy season. There are vacations and special occasions to enjoy — and work is the cherry on top. You may spend more hours outside in the sun and heat, which can take a toll even as you enjoy fun summertime activities. 

Adopting a summer self-care routine for your mind and body can do wonders to improve your energy throughout this hectic time. From exfoliating to meditation, each tip is designed to enhance your self-awareness, care for your skin, and bring a sense of balance and happiness. 

Start your summer off the right way by learning to take care of yourself and make the most of the season. 

Exfoliate Your Body 

Exfoliating your body should be in your self-care routine year-round, and the summer is no exception. Your skin is exposed to the elements, which means it can get dry and rough from sun damage. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, smooth skin for a more radiant look that’s perfect for summer. 

Exfoliating your body will also help prevent pesky ingrown hairs. Shaving your legs, underarms, and bikini area more frequently can lead to more bumps. Exfoliating your skin before shaving can create a smoother surface for the razor to glide over and reduce your chances of ingrown hairs. 

Removing dead skin cells can also help keep your skin clean and clear. The heat and humidity that comes with summer can cause your skin to produce more oil leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Exfoliating regularly will help remove the impurities that get stuck in your skin. 

You may even notice a more even complexion from exfoliating. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to unwanted discoloration and spots on your skin. Exfoliating can help promote cell turnover, reducing the appearance of sunspots

Choosing the right type of exfoliant for your skin type is important, too. You also want to do it regularly but not too frequently. It’s a delicate balance, as exfoliating too much can lead to skin irritation. Stick to two to three times per week on average. 

Spongellé’s Spiritual Detox collection transforms your bath time into a rejuvenating ritual. Evoking the tranquility of a meditative retreat, divine sunrises, and the essence of nature's bounty, these buffers are saturated with skin-loving botanical infusions. After running the buffer under water, exfoliate by buffing it over your body using circular motions. It will gently clean your skin and leave you feeling soft and smooth.

Hydrate Your Skin and Body 

You're at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated during the summer. You may notice flaky, itchy, red, or cracked skin. You can also develop headaches, fatigue, and dizziness when dehydrated. It’s no secret that water is crucial for your body to function properly. 

Water helps you produce new skin cells and maintain the skin's natural barrier. You can help yourself remember to drink more water by taking an insulated water bottle with you wherever you go. It will keep your water cold and make it easy to always have water on hand. You should increase your water intake when sweating more or running around. 

You can also introduce more fruits and vegetables with a high water content to help you stay hydrated. Foods like watermelon, oranges, and celery all have a lot of water. They will provide that extra boost of hydration essential during the summer.

It's also important to moisturize your skin from the outside. After showering, apply a lotion or cream to help lock in moisture and prevent water loss. Look for products that contain ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or ceramides, which can help replenish your skin. Spongellé offers moisturizers ideal for quenching thirsty skin. 

Take Care of Your Feet 

Summertime means sandals, open-toe heels, or bare feet at the beach. Taking care of your feet should become essential to your self-care routine. Your feet can get rougher and become more prone to conditions and injuries during this time. 

The heat means your feet can sweat more, which can lead to fungal growth. Signs of this condition are itching, burning, and skin cracking between your toes. You can help keep your feet healthy by keeping them clean and dry. Avoid wearing sweaty shoes, and always wear sandals when using public showers. 

Summer footwear can lead to blisters and calluses. You may also notice foot or ankle pain from shoes that offer less support, like flip-flops. Try to find comfortable summer-friendly shoes with the proper arch support to help prevent issues. 

Keep your feet looking their best by introducing an at-home pedicure to your routine. Soak your feet in an Epsom salt bath and remove any dead skin using a pedi-buffer. These triple-action buffers cleanse, massage, and get rid of dry, achy feet for professional pedicure results. 

Finish with a coat or two of your favorite polish to complete the at-home spa experience. 

Protect Your Skin 

Wearing sunscreen is a must during the summer if you want healthy skin. Protecting yourself from the sun's UV rays will prevent skin damage, premature aging, and sunburns. 

Sunburns are not only painful but can cause long-term skin damage. You'll notice redness and even blisters in severe cases. Sunscreen will block UV radiation and reduce its effects on the skin. It can also help reduce the risk of heat stroke, which occurs when we’re exposed to too much heat and sun. 

You even need to apply sunscreen on cloudy days since UV rays penetrate through clouds. 

Lather it on 30 minutes before going outside, and re-apply it every two hours or after you get out of the water. Use a product with an SPF of 30 or higher for proper protection against UV radiation. If you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, consider using an SPF of 60 or higher. 

Try adding spray tanning to your self-care routine if you're missing that summer glow from the sun. You'll look tan without the skin damage! 

Meditate More 

Taking care of your body also means self-care for your mental health. The practice has been used for centuries to help train the mind to reach a state of calmness. Introducing meditation into your routine may help clear your head and reduce stress

When you let stress take over, your body can produce high levels of cortisol. This hormone can negatively affect your health, and meditation may help you cope with whatever life sends your way this summer. 

Additionally, meditation can lead to more positive emotions. You may notice that you experience less sadness, fear, or anger and have more feelings of joy and contentment. Removing stress from your life can also improve your sleep quality. 

Restful sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. When you've had a good night's sleep, you'll have better mental clarity and focus throughout the day. You can be more productive and creative with a clear mind. 

Incorporating the power of aromatherapy into your meditation and sleep routines can also amplify their benefits. The rich, natural fragrances from essential oils not only soothe your senses but also help create an environment conducive to calm, focus, and restful sleep.

Pick a time of day when you can sit quietly without any distractions. Start with short sessions, five to 10 minutes long, and gradually increase the time. Try to focus on your breath and let your mind wander. Meditating for just a few minutes every day can make a big difference.

Final Takeaways

Adopting a summer self-care routine can improve your overall well-being. You can start by only incorporating one or two steps to your daily regimen and add as needed. Spongellé offers products that nourish your skin, helping you have a happy, healthy summer. 


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