Spongellé's Body Wash Sponges and Their Safety

Spongellé's Body Wash Sponges and Their Safety

Shower or bath time can be turned into the ultimate sanctuary. Any excuse for pampering yourself should be taken advantage of. For us, that means bath time. 

Choosing the right product to wash with should be more important than you think. It is a well-known fact that what you wash your body with can do more harm than good if you’re not careful. If you didn’t know this already, let us enlighten you. 

Think of these buzzwords: steamy, humid, dead skin cells, bacteria, damp puddle to dry in. These words should be setting off at least a few alarms. The truth is, we are using an item whether it’s a loofah, sponge, or wash rag to cleanse our skin. That does not equal that the item is also clean after we are finished. 

What it actually means is that when you finish cleaning yourself, that item you use has all the grime, dead skin, sweat, and whatever else your body has encountered on it. Usually, it gets thrown into a corner and forgotten while it dries. Just because it had soap on it does not mean it’s now clean. Instead, it can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria in the same buzzword environment we just described. 

Your New Favorite Sponge

So where do you find a solution as to what to wash with? Glad you asked! At Spongellé we have done our research. Like you, we are not interested in picking up another sponge or loofah and putting the skin we just exfoliated back onto our body. 

It was time to create something that could gently cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate all in one. It was also time to get more than one use out of it and there is no way we could stand for more worrying about bacteria. 

The last thing you want is to worry every time you get into the shower. After all, if you are anything like us, it’s where we go to relax and forget about the cares of the day, even if it’s just for a few blissful moments. So, we did something about it. 

Safety First

Our sponges offer a formulation that is custom blended to reduce the number of bacteria and inhibit their growth. We were so happy with this custom blend we decided to patent the technology. You see, the safety and integrity of our products matter to us. This self-preserved formula is used without preservatives that would typically be found in personal care. 

These multiuse, multipurpose sponges are anti-microbial and were created without toxic preservatives. 

Benefits of Spongellé Sponges

In order to eliminate the clutter in our products housed in the bathroom, it was imperative to create something that was an entire experience. Not just another sponge or another product in our lineup would work. It had to be functional, multipurpose, could go anywhere, and most importantly get the job done! Here are some of the benefits of our sponges that we hope you love too.

  • Designed for travel: We are so tired of lugging around a hundred products. So we made sure that our sponges would be multi-use and have multiple functions as well. 
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan friendly
  • Lather that is time-released: Raise your hand if you have zero chill when it comes to pouring the right amount of cleanser? We either have enough to wash three adult bodies or we have a pea size amount that will make it up one of our legs. With time-released lather, you can rest assured you will get the exact right amount. 
  • Buff and wash: Going back to eliminating the need for multiple products, our sponges do it all. Buff, wash, and massage your cares away, one use at a time!

How To Care for Your Sponge

After you’re done cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing your body, it is highly recommended to be sure to remove any excess dirt and water from your sponge. It is always best to store your sponge away from any standing water. 

Your Friendly Reminder To Wash Your Towels

If we are talking about how bacteria grows in moist environments, we have to mention your towels too. Your towel goes through the exact same motions as your sponges. 

It may not even cross your mind that you should probably be washing them more frequently than you do. At a minimum, you should be throwing your towels in the wash three or four times a week. 

For the same reason your sponge isn’t free of dirt or the day’s grime, your bath towel isn’t either. If you don’t wash your towels frequently, you can subject yourself to things like breakouts, rashes, and skin infections. 

Keep your towels in shape and free of bacteria by: 

  • Using warm or hot water to kill the bacteria when you wash them. 
  • When possible, wash them separately from your other clothes. 
  • Allowing them to sit in the washer without washing right away can allow additional bacteria to form. Try not to let them sit before washing. 
  • Don’t let them sit in the dryer damp and dry on high heat. 

Get Squeaky Clean

At Spongellé, it’s our goal to create an experience, not just products. You can purchase products all day long that do not necessarily have your best interest in mind. 

The research is done and our products are created with integrity and safety in mind first. The experience is a benefit that happens after we have created something that is safe and functional. You can experience bliss without the bacteria. 

The next time you take a look in your shower, we know you’re going to be looking at it through a different lens and we are here for it. Spongellé has just what you need to create the spa-like experience you crave at home (hold the germs, please). 



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