Soap vs. Body Wash: Which Is Best For Men?

Soap vs. Body Wash: Which Is Best For Men?

For most people, cleansing your skin is an important step in your personal hygiene and self-care routines. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; everyone loves having clean and healthy skin! 

While the type of cleanser you use on your face can be complicated and depends on a variety of skin issues, body cleansers are much more straightforward. However, there are still quite a few types of cleansers to choose between, including bar soap, body wash, shower gel, and exfoliating cleansers. In most cases, people have stronger skin on their bodies than on their faces and can tolerate a variety of different cleansing products with no problem. 

If you are a guy trying to figure out which product to use, don’t stress. We’ve got you covered and can help you decide which product you should be using. In this article, we will talk about the difference between soap and body wash, as well as some great cleansing products for men that you can include in your shower and post-shower routines. If you find yourself asking: which cleansing product is best for men? Then this article is for you- keep reading to find out which one you should be using! 

What Is The Difference Between Soap and Body Wash?

The two basic cleansers for your body come in the form of bar soap and body wash. You might be wondering, why does it matter if they both cleanse my body? But there are some differences you should know about. First off, the obvious fact: bar soap is solid, and body wash comes as a liquid, but both turn into a lather when applied to wet skin. There are actually many people who have a product preference just based on that fact alone. Here are the main differences between the two:

Bar Soap

This type of cleanser works by breaking down and dissolving the dirt on the surface level of your skin. Sweat and dirt will mix with your body’s natural oils, which results in bacteria forming. The bar soap separates this oil layer and removes the bacteria from your skin. It is known to be more drying than body wash. It does come in a variety of scents, but most bar soaps have the same formula and do not moisturize and hydrate the skin. 

Body Wash

This type of cleanser works in the same way as bar soap does, but it can address a much larger group of skin concerns. Body washes can have tons of different ingredients that work to add extra moisture to the skin and can target body acne, dryness, and other common skin conditions. 

Body wash can help to provide a deeper clean that targets other skin issues simultaneously. It is also more sanitary than bar soap, which gets reused several times and is left out in your shower or tub (where it is exposed to bacteria). 

If your skin is is dry, flaky, or irritated, body wash is probably a better bet for you. Body wash can contain exfoliants as well as moisturizers, which means your skin will be hydrated and smooth. If you do have sensitive skin or have a skin condition, it’s probably a good idea to ask your dermatologist for body wash recommendations to make sure the product doesn’t react with your skin. Especially as you age, body wash can be a better option overall because bar soap can strip the skin of its natural oils, which can lead to skin aging. 

Where Can I Find a Men’s Shower Sponge?

Some people don’t know that using soap or body wash alone isn’t always the most effective way to clean your body. Of course, all body wash will help to remove dirt from your skin. But body wash and soap alone can’t deeply exfoliate your skin, which is an important part of cleansing and taking care of your skin. Also, using your hands will not remove every bit of dirt, oil, and anything else that’s on your skin. It’s more than likely you might miss some spots! 

So, what can you do to ensure your skin is squeaky clean every single time? We recommended using Spongellé’s body buffers. We actually have a line of body buffers that are specifically made for men! Our Men’s Collection includes our classic body buffers that come in three exfoliating strengths. These buffers are infused with a body wash with scents that are a bit more masculine than some of our other ones in the women’s collections. 

The three options are the Men’s Super, the Men’s Supreme, and the Men’s Extreme. If you are unsure which one you need or which one will work for you, then you should try the assorted pack that comes with all three options for you to try! Each one has an amazing scent that includes hints of apple, pineapple, rum, clove, sage, pepper, amber, and sandalwood. It’s truly an invigorating experience when you use the Spongellé body buffers in the shower. You will feel so fresh and clean after each use. 

This is a better option than body wash or soap alone because it offers you a deeper clean. The buffer act as a three-in-one product and works to cleanse, scrub, and hydrate the skin every time you use it. Not only does it remove surface-level dirt, oil, and buildup, but it also exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin and take your cleanse to the next level. Plus, each one lasts you for at least 20 washes! This can save you time and money because you will no longer have to buy and use three separate products. 

One more thing to consider is that our body buffers are more sanitary than bar soap and regular sponges/loofahs. Our body buffers are infused with an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria from forming while the buffer is drying after being used. This means you won’t have to worry about cleaning the buffer or having bacteria going back onto your skin, which would defeat the purpose of washing your body in the first place. 

Are There Other Men’s Products I Should Be Using For My Shower Routine?

Yes, there are other men’s products you should be using both during and after your shower. One of these products is the Men’s Pedi Buffer, which also comes in Extreme, Super, and Supreme. These buffers are not for your body; they are specifically meant to be used on your feet. Our feet have skin that is oftentimes rougher and dryer than the rest of our body, and therefore needs something a little extra to take care of it. The pedi buffer is the perfect product to use at the end of your shower after you use your body buffer. 

These buffers are infused with softening extracts, which help to break down the dead skin on your feet. They work to make sure your feet are soft and smooth. It has two sides, one for cleansing and one for scrubbing the skin. Start off by getting a nice soapy lather all over your feet. Then, switch sides and use the rougher texture to take care of dead skin, calluses, and dryness. 

The buffers help to make foot care easy because you can use them every time you take a shower. After just one use, your feet will be much softer and look healthier. After you finish using your body buffer and pedi buffer in the shower, you want to make sure you lock all that moisture and hydration in. Try using a good body lotion to help moisturize the skin and make your body extra smooth and hydrated. Your skin will be healthy, strong, and clean after using these products! 


When it comes to cleaning your body, body wash is probably the best choice. Of course, it all depends on your skin type, but body washes tend to be more hydrating and moisturizing for everyone. Soap bars tend to strip the skin of their natural oils, which can be harmful over time. Plus, they don’t typically target skin concerns besides general cleansing. 

If you’re a guy looking to step up your cleansing game, then Spongellé’s body buffers are perfect for you. These are three-in-one products that are infused with body wash and work to ensure your body is fully cleansed and hydrated after every use. Plus, they exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, providing a deeper clean than body wash or bar soap alone. Our body buffers are, by far, the best choice for men! 


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