Shop These Gifts for Mom From Spongellé

Shop These Gifts for Mom From Spongellé

Our moms do a lot for us. From making our favorite meals to empowering us to chase our dreams, they do it all. Mother’s Day is when we take a moment to stop and recognize all of the support and love that our moms have given us over the years, but it doesn’t have to end there. If you’re looking for a great gift to give mom, why not choose a luxurious bath or body product from Spongellé?

Our company specializes in Body Wash Infused Buffers® along with a variety of other body products such as hand cream, body lotion, and even oil diffusers. Spongellé’s scents are distinct and invigorating, making them the go-to selections for at-home spa days and luxurious morning baths or showers.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, or you just feel like giving your mom a gift to spread some love, these are the Spongellé products to check out.

Beauty Trio

If you’re not quite sure which Spongellé scent will be your mom’s favorite, you can let her try three favorites with this boxed set. The Beauty Trio contains a Spongellé bath sponge in three different scents. Included in the set, you’ll find Coconut Verbena, Freesia Pear, and French Lavender. Each one offers distinct fragrance notes, and all three are among the bestselling scents that Spongellé offers.

Blue Iris Diffuser

Along with bath sponges and other body products, Spongellé offers a floral diffuser. The Floret Diffuser Collection is unlike any other diffuser your mom has, and she’s sure to love it as the iconic Spongellé scent lingers throughout the air in her bathroom, office, living room, or wherever she decides to use it. Each diffuser is made using natural tapioca fiber and is shaped to resemble a flower. Although the flower is white initially, as the oil seeps into the fibers, it’ll take on a new color. The Blue Iris scent features notes of citrus, dewy greens, and sweet coconut.

Honey Blossom Gift Set

If you want to gift mom the whole package, this is the gift set to pick up. The Honey Blossom Gift Set celebrates all things honey blossom from Spongellé. The gift set comes complete with a honey blossom bath sponge, Spongetté, and body lotion. Show mom all that Spongellé has to offer with this gift set or check out Spongellé’s other gift sets in different fragrances.

Coconut Body Buffer

The Spongology Collection from Spongellé is their eco-friendly line. Each Body Buffer is formulated using skin-loving, natural ingredients such as rosehip, green tea, and hibiscus extracts complete with an invigorating scent that customers rave about. This specific Body Buffer features fragrance notes of warm coconut with citrus nuances in its infused body wash.

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