Self-Care Sunday: Why It’s Important and How to Celebrate It

Self-Care Sunday: Why It’s Important and How to Celebrate It

Why Self-Care Sunday Is Important

Many of us, especially if we have busy schedules, families, or just love to help others, tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Whether it’s exercising, stretching, or breaking out a luxury bath sponge for a nice long bath, your body needs a little bit of TLC. In addition, your mind also needs to take a breather so you can recoup after a long week and prepare for the next one.

With your mind and body in check, you’re more equipped to tackle the challenges of the week and can reset your emotions. You likely already have a favorite hobby or activity you like to do when you’re alone, but if not, here are some things to try that might make self-care Sunday your new favorite day.

Catch Up on a Good Book

These days, binge-watching a new TV show isn’t uncommon, but most of us feel we don’t have the time to binge-read a book. We don’t have to tell you about all of the benefits of reading, your school librarian covered that years ago, but they were right! Reading a book can spark your imagination and help you forget about the stresses of the week. Even if you’re not an avid reader, give it a try! Take a Sunday afternoon to get lost in a good book.

Take a Long Bath

Is there anything better than a long bath on a Sunday evening? Baths are essential components of self-care routines, and with a luxurious bath sponge like the Body Wash Infused Buffers® from Spongellé, they get even better. Their sponges are infused with time-released body wash and relaxing fragrances to leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. Relax your senses and let your stresses rush down the drain.

Do Some Light Stretching and Don’t Forget to Breathe

Stretching is important for keeping your body limbered up and feeling good. If you practice yoga throughout the week, great. If not, doing some basic stretches on Sunday with a focus on breath control can help you fight against fatigue. Whatever your routine is, focus on improving your body every Sunday and don’t forget to breathe deep! These stretching or yoga sessions can even be moments of quiet connection with loved ones if you practice together.

Get Your Chores Done

This might not be a favorite for everyone, but many people are much more relaxed after they’ve knocked out a few items on their to-do list. If you’re one of these productivity junkies, take the day to tackle all of the things that might have slipped through the cracks during the week. Just make sure that taking care of yourself is on the list too!

Take a Social Media Break

Social media is great for staying in touch with friends and loved ones, but sometimes it can be a little much. Whether you’re tired of negative stories, or just experience a little information fatigue, take the day off from the newsfeed. You can always catch up on Monday.


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