How To Put Together Spa Gift Baskets

How To Put Together Spa Gift Baskets

Everyone deserves some “me” time. Sometimes we know a person in our lives who work hard and always puts others first. If you want to show your appreciation for them, you can give them a gift from the heart. A spa basket shows someone that you’re thinking about them and allows them to take a load off and relax. 

Here are some ideas for what to put in your spa gift basket for the next time you are feeling generous. 

Why Make A Spa Basket?

Customized spa baskets show the people that you love that you care about. Instead of buying a pre-packaged gift, you took the time to collect individual items curated just for them. 

This also means you can customize the basket to fit your budget and add as many things as you want. So what are you waiting for? Go gather up your supplies and make someone’s day!

No Occasion Necessary

Although spa gift baskets can make a great birthday or holiday present, you don’t need to wait to give someone a special day. You can give someone a spa basket just to show them you care about them and you want them to have a good time. They’re an easy way to impress someone whose love language is gift-giving. 

Items To Include

There are many things that you could include in your spa basket to make it special. Here are some that we came up with. Feel free to steal our ideas!


Lighting a candle is always relaxing. The aroma and the aesthetic that it creates in a room can provide your loved ones with peace and feelings of calmness. Candles come in so many different scents that you will most likely be able to find the best one for that special someone. Whether they like floral, citrus, or musky smells, you can’t go wrong with candles. Here are some popular scents to include:

  • Vanilla blossom is a sweet smell that reminds people of sugar and the holidays. 
  • Beachwood is a tangy and exotic scent that reminds us of tropical islands.
  • Patchouli is a woody and velvety smell that is reminiscent of sandalwood or frankincense. 
  • Sea Salt is a refreshing aroma that reminds us of summer and ocean breezes. 
  • Teakwood has a floral smell to it that’s also reminiscent of cedar. This can be considered a more masculine scent. 

Some candles even have wooden wicks that crackle like fire as they burn. This provides a sensory experience for them.  

Face Masks

Face masks are not only relaxing, but they also offer amazing benefits for your skin. Face masks come in many different varieties that can range from cooling to clarifying. This can help the person receiving the gift experience luxury while they improve their skin! Here are a few different kinds to consider, including:

  • Clay masks can help draw dirt out of clogged pores. 
  • Sheet masks are great for hydrating skin. 
  • Peel-off masks can help remove the dead skin from the face and leave skin soft.

A Good Book

Sometimes relaxing can mean taking your mind off the day. Escaping daily stress with a good book can help with this. Put a self-help book or a fun fantasy novel in your basket to spice it up. Look for a book that will speak to the person receiving it. 

Tools For A Mani

Not everyone has time to get their nails done. Including some tools to do it yourself can be a great alternative. If the person you are giving the basket to likes to get their nails done, give them a clipper, buffer, and some polish. They can get a professional mani or pedi in their own home. 

Chocolate Or Other Sweets

Another option to include in your basket are treats. Everyone has a favorite candy or snack that they like to munch on during the day. Pick something that the person especially enjoys and looks forward to eating. This could be chocolate, chips, or even something like popcorn. 

Body Wash

One of the best ways to make a spa basket special is to include shower and bath products. This makes the person receiving it feel like they are really at the spa. A luxurious body wash with an amazing smell can soothe and nourish their skin while they relax. 

If you’re looking for a body wash and an exfoliator all in one, try Spongellé’s body wash infused sponges. These have gentle and refreshing ingredients to provide you with the best possible shower experience. There’s also no need to worry about germs when it comes to our sponges. We infuse an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria from harboring on the surface. 

You need a place to start? Try our Wildflower Bath Sponge. This is the perfect product to start with if you’ve never experienced the magic of Spongellé before, 

You might think that you’ve seen all that bath sponges have to offer, but Spongellé is something new and different. As soon as the sponge gets wet,  the body wash lathers on your skin and nourishes it.  Your loved one will fall in love with the sophisticated fragrance that transforms their shower or bath into a full sensory experience.

Our sponges provide a one of a kind fragrance blend along with creamy suds for an at-home spa feeling. 

Body Scrub

Another essential of spa baskets are body scrubs. Exfoliating is important for keeping your skin fresh and soft. Body scrubs are a great way to give someone a beauty treatment in a bottle. 

Spongellé’s buffers allow you to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate all at once. Spa baskets are gender-inclusive. You can always give a spa gift basket to the men in your life. Everyone deserves to feel pampered. If you’re looking for a body scrub for men, try our Men’s Super Buffer. This buffer smells like verbena absolute and is perfect for after the gym or during their morning routine. 

Bath Bombs

One of the best ways to wind down and get the full spa experience is with a bath. Bath bombs can add a little something special to a bath. Bath bombs can provide aromatic scents or nourishment to a bath experience. They can also indulge the skin with extra moisture. Bath bombs create an atmosphere during any time of the day.

Bathrobe Or Neck Pillow

The best part of a shower or a bath is getting out and wrapping yourself in a towel. If you want to provide the person receiving your gift with an elevated experience, give them a bathrobe. This is the perfect way to one-up a warm towel with a customized robe that covers their whole body in softness. 

If you want to include a bathrobe in your basket, make sure the fabric isn’t scratchy or uncomfortable for the person who will be wearing it. Opt for something that is 100% cotton. 

Slippers Or Socks

Warm feet are another luxury that many people forget about. Socks or slippers can keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. Wearing slippers can also reduce bacteria from getting on feet and keeping floors clean. 

There are even slippers with warming features for extra coziness!

A Personalized Note

The last thing you might want to add to your basket is a card or a note. This will be the icing on the cake for the basket and let the person receiving it why you think they are so special and deserve to feel pampered. 


The best part about spa baskets is the ability to make them your own. You can add as many of our suggestions as you want or add your own! Spa baskets are entirely up to you, and you can decide what the person will like the most. 

If you are shopping for a special occasion, Spongellé has a holiday collection that features products that are merry and bright. We have ornamental body washes perfect for the season. 

Spongellé’s products have a time-released lather and are tested by dermatologists to be the best for your skin. They are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free and feature a proprietary infusion technology. They are also extremely portable, which makes them perfect for sp baskets on the go.  


Showing someone you care will always bring a smile to their face. People like to feel appreciated, and spa baskets are the perfect gift for pampering someone special. 

Include Spongellé’s products for a unique basket that will give your loved one nourishment and hydration for their skin.