How to Make a Homemade Bubble Bath

How to Make a Homemade Bubble Bath

There was a time when people did not give a second thought about their overall wellness. Day in and day out, people were working until they reached burnout. Recently, there has been a huge overhaul on the meaning behind “wellness.” Wellness is not a fad and it’s not just for “other people.” We now realize that practicing self-care and being mindful of your overall wellness is something that is actually essential to our existence as humans. 

Taking care of yourself is no longer recognized as something you do just when you are sick. Thank goodness for that! We have discovered that there can be a balance between the daily grind and reserving some time just to fuel your soul. This can look different for everyone. 

Self-care is such a unique journey, and it can be a trial and error process to discover exactly what works best for you. Even on your worst day, it can be something as simple as a warm bath to help you regain perspective and focus on what is important. 

For us, a bubble bath seems like the best way to indulge in self-care. Seriously, who doesn’t love laying in warm, bubbly water? Bubble baths ease our tension and help melt our cares away. Who needs an expensive luxury spa when you can enjoy a bath from the comfort of your own home?

We have practiced quite a few times and feel like our tips for a perfect soak can help you recreate the bubble bath of your dreams right in your own home. All you need is a few simple ingredients, some bath-enhancing products from Spongellé, and you will be well on your way to the relaxation you need (and deserve!).  


The Perfect Soak 

Recreating a spa retreat in your own home does not have to be expensive. Before you get started in creating the ultimate bubble bath, there are a few steps that are helpful to take in order to set the mood for the most relaxing experience possible.

Start by washing your best set of towels and cleaning the bathroom. Having a clean environment to relax in will help you feel like you are truly getting the five-star treatment. Having a luxurious, freshly washed pair of towels to dry off with will also help you feel as cozy and comfortable as possible. 

Remove any distractions that would prevent your bathroom from being transformed into the relaxation space you deserve. Create the ambiance you want! Include your favorite candles, your favorite fresh-cut flowers, the ultimate playlist, a beverage of your choice, and even some reading material. 

When it comes to bath products to incorporate, we believe less is more. Instead of worrying about a loofah, washcloth, and a ton of bath products, we have found that multipurpose bath products are the best option. Spongellé has a great line of bath sponges that have a built-in buffer, body wash, and moisturizer. These amazing sponges will make you wonder how you ever functioned without them. 


Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

A bubble bath is a wonderful way to plan the ultimate escape without ever having to leave your home. If you’re anything like us, we want to try our best to avoid things like harsh chemicals and ingredients we can’t pronounce. Oftentimes, store-bought products may include ingredients that are harsh for your body or can irritate sensitive skin. 

A thin layer of water that is surrounded by two layers of soap molecules creates a bubble. In order to create your bubbles, it is beneficial to run your warm tap water and to pour your mixture into the stream of running water. A bath with bubbles can actually form an insulating effect and keep your water warm for a longer period of time.

You can achieve larger bubbles with stronger water pressure. Remember, there is no wrong way to have a bath! Whether you enjoy a light layer of bubbles or a thick layer that covers you from head to toe, you can’t go wrong. 

When creating a homemade bubble bath mixture, it's important to keep a few tips in mind:

  • With new ingredients, always test a patch of skin for any sensitivity up to 48 hours prior to filling your bath.
  • Mild soaps and ingredients are your best bet to avoid reactivity.
  • Water that is too hot can also be a skin irritant, so it is best to have the temperature on the milder side. 

The next step for your bath will require just a few essential ingredients: glycerin or coconut oil, soap, and water. In order to create your mixture, you can follow this basic guideline on measurements:

  1. 1/4 cup coconut oil or glycerin 
  2. 1/2 cup liquid soap
  3. 1/4 cup warm distilled water


Making the Bubble Bath 

Once you have added these ingredients together, you can pour them into your steady stream of bathwater. We like these ingredients because coconut oil can assist in replacing moisture in the skin and, even though it can sometimes be a little more of a challenge to find, glycerin is an additive to soap that can also have a moisturizing effect. Ideally, finding a soap that is in liquid form and specifically designed for sensitive skin would also be best for your homemade formula. 

Another great ingredient to add that can take your bath experience to an entirely next level would be flower petals such as rose, chamomile, or lavender. Just thinking about this makes us want to run to our bathroom and recreate this scene immediately!

A bubble bath is something you can continue to personalize as little or as much as you prefer. Self-care is all about you, and the more you customize it to your specific needs, the better the experience will be. 

For instance, you can make your bath even more luxurious. You can add oil that is beneficial to the skin and aids in moisture retention, like almond oil or vitamin E oil. Again, we caution you to be sure you do not have any skin allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients you add to your bath. 



If you are looking for a cost-effective way to take your self-care game up a notch, a relaxing bubble bath will do the trick. Even though the actual practice of self-care can seem challenging to schedule into a hectic life, you have to bathe or shower at some point, right? This is one of the main reasons we love the idea of a bubble bath. It is something we already have to do daily and we can create a really beautiful experience with some relatively inexpensive ingredients or products. 

The benefits that self-care offers for your emotional well-being are priceless. If you are looking for affordable products to promote a spa-like experience and fragrances that are out of this world, Spongellé offers some amazing products to add to your supplies for your next in-home spa night. When it comes to life, the point is to thrive. Protecting your personal time and space is essential in offering yourself the ability to regroup and be the best version of yourself day after day!

Even if you have to wake up fifteen minutes before your scheduled alarm, it is well worth setting a standard of prioritizing yourself. Don’t just take our word for it; we encourage you to try it the next time you feel bogged down by the inevitable day-to-day stresses. We’re positive you won’t regret it!



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