Going on Vacation This Summer? Follow These Tips to Keep Your Body and Skincare Routines on Track

Going on Vacation This Summer? Follow These Tips to Keep Your Body and Skincare Routines on Track

No matter what the calendar says, summer is practically here, and if you’re like most, you’re likely gearing up for the first big trip of the season. Before you go, you need to make sure that your body and skincare routines are on point so you can enjoy your fun in the sun without stressing. Here are a few tips to help you keep your body and skincare routines on track this summer.

Stick with What Works

One of the biggest mistakes that many of us make while traveling is jumping to different products or switching up our routine. However, whether it stems from convenience or is just an excuse to try something new, switching up your body or skincare routines drastically can have an impact on your skin's health and appearance. To play it safe and ensure that you look and feel your best on vacation, try and keep your routine the same.

Make sure to pack your favorite products so you can stress less about the routine. Whether it’s a premium bath sponge with infused body wash or a lotion you know makes your skin happy, bring it along for the trip, and you can stay on track without playing the guessing game or resorting to hotel products. 

Drink Plenty of Water

When you're rushing around from plane to plane and traveling to your final destination, it's easy to forget to drink as much water as you usually do during the day. It happens, but it’s not the best on your skin. Airplane cabin air is notorious for having a drying effect already, and when you don't drink plenty of fluids, you could arrive at your destination dehydrated.

Fight against this by bringing a reusable water bottle that you can fill once you get past security. This way you can stay hydrated on the trip, and you can also save on the upcharged bottles of water found in airport shops.

Keep It Simple

Whether you’re facing luggage size constraints or just want to pack light, to save on space and weight you should look for products that can do multiple things at once. For example, a body buffer like the ones offered by Spongellé can tackle your exfoliating, cleaning, and moisturizing routine all in one while you shower. The secret is in their infused body wash that activates under water. Carry this cute, all-in-one luxury bath product so you can lighten your luggage while elevating your bathing experience.

Don’t Forget About TSA Rules

You don’t want to go through all of the trouble to pick out your must-have skincare products just to have them taken away at the security checkpoint, do you? TSA is there to keep air travel safe, but part of that job means you can’t carry on any liquids that exceed 3.4 liquid ounces.

Common skincare essentials like lotion and sunscreen (Hello, summer!) often come in big bottles for daily use, but leave those at home. You can either buy reusable TSA-approved bottles and transfer them over for the trip, or you can look and see if you can find a travel-friendly version of your favorite products.


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