11 Floral Scents That Are Perfect for Spring

11 Floral Scents That Are Perfect for Spring

Ah, springtime! Fresh cut flowers, greener grass, and rays of sunshine make most days during this season a little more enjoyable. And nothing feels better than soft, clean skin that possesses the fragrance of peonies, orchids, and lavender. Here are our picks for the top 11 floral scents that are perfect for spring.

1. Peony

Peonies are among the most popular flowers for the spring season, and rightly so. Their lush, sweet aroma envelops your senses and brings with it a sense of cheerful calm. Depending on their variety, peonies smell either citrusy or rosy or strong and subtle. They also come in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from pink, red, yellow, orange, and white, just to name a few. This sweetly scented flower is one-of-a-kind, and we’ve captured its aromatic essence in several of our body buffer floral fragrances.

Peony Blush boxed flower seamlessly blends mandarin, peach, passionflower, cherry blossom, peony, musk, and sandalwood for an exquisite showering experience. You may also fill your room with the scent of budding peonies with the Peony Flower Private Reserve Diffuser. Simply steep the delicate floret in the alluring fragrance oil for an inviting springtime aroma.

2. Orchid

Orchids date back to as far as 500 BC in the countries of Greece, Rome, and China. This beautiful flower has symmetrical blossoms and symbolizes love, elegance, beauty, and wealth. They range in purple, red, pink, white, yellow, and green hues, but the rarest color of all? Black. Black Orchids are extremely rare, with the closest today being dark red or purple. Orchids range in scent from very pleasant to strong and putrid.

Of course, the Orchid scents available in bath and body products are pleasantly scented. The Spongellé Black Orchid Boxed Flower brings together a unique blend of Orchid petals, Bergamot, Mandarin, Jasmine, Black Gardenia, Lotus flower, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, and Vanilla for a seductive springtime lather that embraces your senses.

3. Lavender

Lavender holds the title for its ability to calm the mood and lower blood pressure. Its purple hue is subtle yet makes a statement, and its bouquet is anything but forgettable. Part of the mint family, lavender holds a host of beneficial health benefits. This flower is one of spring’s favorite flowering plants, and it is available in essential oils, extracts, candles, and teas. Many relaxing bath products include lavender as well, such as soaps, lathering exfoliants, and lotions. Envision yourself in a luxurious French spa while enveloping your tootsies in the French Lavender Pedi-Buffer. This buffer polishes your soles to perfection while delivering a beautifully scented bouquet of Lavender with each cleansing massage.

4. Star Tiger Lily

Star Tiger Lily signifies wealth and confidence and also represents pride. Their sweet, floral fragrance contains notes of delicately powdered greenery. Tiger Lilies grow up to four feet tall with their orange, white, cream, red, pink, and yellow blooms, flowering in the summer.

Many hybrid lily types exist today, making them available all year round. Allow your inner spirit to calm while pampering yourself in the essence of this beautiful flower with the Star Tiger Lily Art Chinois body wash-infused buffer. This rich lathering sponge gets your springtime ready in a snap.

5. Rose

Roses are the flower of love, beauty, and courage, with each color signifying something different. For example, yellow roses symbolize friendship and new beginnings, white roses symbolize purity, and pink roses stand for elegance and sweetness. While their colors are different, their bouquet is indistinguishable. Roses are one of the most popular flowers gifted for special occasions and holidays such as Valentine’s Day.

Roses are used in a wide array of products. Its scent is undeniable, making the rose a trending fragrance for numerous bath and body products, hair care products, skincare, nail care, and even teas. Chefs utilize edible roses in the culinary arts as ornamental decor. Spongellé offers many products with rose essence, the Rose Botanica Candle being one of them. Our hand-poured candle possesses a smoldering wooden wick that flickers with the sound of a calm, crackling fire. Bathe your room in springtime Turkish rose and jasmine for a five-star springtime experience.

6. Lotus

At night the lotus closes its petals and slowly rests underneath the water. At dawn, it climbs above the water and re-blooms. It soaks up the sun during the daytime, which may be why the Egyptians considered the lotus a sun symbol. They believed it meant rebirth because of its action from night to morning.

Lotus flowers are naturally red, white, yellow, blue, pink, and purple and have a honey-sweet, floral, and earthy aroma. These flowers stand for purity and enlightenment, so lather up with the Wanderlust Sacred Lotus boxed flower. This infused buffer has the springtime scents of orange, plum blossom, rose, black orchid, peony, coconut milk, vanilla, and tonka bean.

7. Hibiscus

In 1753, Carl Linnaeus collected a specimen of a beautiful red double flower and gave it its name. He named the flower, Hibiscus. Carl Linnaeus is best known for his Latin-based taxonomy of plants classification system that is still used today. Most hibiscus does not have a scent at all, while few have very slight musky and floral notes. Hibiscus flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds, making them a fantastic addition to gardens. Their gorgeous pink, yellow, purple, and orange colors are tropically vivid.

Hibiscus contains elements that benefit the skin and hair, which is why the plant’s essence envelops many bath and body products and facial care.

8. Freesia

Freesia, a flower originating from Cape Colony, South Africa, retained its name from botanist Ecklon, a South African plant collector. This exotic-looking flower is a perennial plant, part of the iris family, and they’re famous for their use in the floral industry because of their lemon-scented blooms.

Freesia has creamy white, blue, orange, yellow, and blue petals and grows up to two feet tall, displaying its gorgeous flowering body at a horizontally gentle-arched line. This flower also makes its appearance in an abundance of bath and body products, candles, and hair care products.

9. Magnolia

Just like many other flowers, there are several species of Magnolia. Their cup-like flowers bloom at the top of the branches. Their petals range in color from white, pink, yellow, and purple, and they have large leaves and cone-like fruits. Magnolia has a floral and fruity scent with a calming aromatherapy effect and creates beautiful flower arrangements. This is why magnolia makes a perfect ingredient addition to all scented products, including candles and bath products.

10. Iris

The iris is a flower named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. About 300 species of iris exist, with one of the most common species being the hybrid pale blue-purple and yellow garden iris. For perfumes, the iris orris scent is taken from the flower's roots instead of the petals or the bloom.

The aroma is more earthy and sweet than floral but varies by species. Iris bloom in the spring or summer, and some reblooming varieties produce beautiful flowers again in the fall. For a taste of romanticism, lather up with triple butter body wash infused buffer in Blue Iris. This buffer Infuses coffee and black tea extracts to celebrate beauty and feminism while providing your skin with a refreshing cleanse.

11. Tulip

Tulips originated as a wildflower in Asia and began being cultivated by the Turks as early as 1000AD. They are the bulbous plants of the lily family, and they produce several leaves that cluster themselves at the base of the plant. Tulips have three petals and usually bloom in early spring, while others bloom in mid to late season.

This flower comes in many colors, such as pink, red, orange, yellow, and creamy yellow-white. Black tulips are the rarest color, created by crossbreeding two tulip species in 1979 by a Dutch flower grower, but the first was seen in 1891 and then again in 1955. Tulips are large, showy flowers that possess a grassy scent and are a favorite for many during the spring months. Their fresh scent adorns all sorts of floral products from luxe body products to home scented goods.

To Wrap It Up

Floral scents are popular all year long, especially during the spring season. Whether you’re searching for a scented body wash, buffing sponge, body lotion, candle, or diffusing oil, Spongellé has all the florals you crave this spring.


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