Where To Find A Body Washing Sponge

Where To Find A Body Washing Sponge

Sometimes you just want something a little extra besides basic body wash. We get it—body wash can get boring after a while, and it doesn’t always do a great job of exfoliating your skin. If you are looking for a regular loofah or sponge, you can find that at your local drugstore or anywhere that bath and shower products are sold. The problem with regular loofahs and sponges is that they are not always hygienic, and you have to buy other body products to go with them. The point of washing your body is to clean it, but loofahs and sponges can actually transfer bacteria back onto your skin! 

If you want a higher-quality and more hygienic product, then look no further. The body wash-infused buffers of your dreams can be found right here at Spongellé. Our body buffers are infused with amazing scents that help to remove germs and bacteria while also cleansing the skin from impurities such as dirt and oil. 

You don’t have to worry about them not being hygienic or sanitary, because they contain an antibacterial agent to prevent bacteria growth. Plus, they save you time and money by acting as a three-in-one product. So, where can you find this body washing sponge, you ask? Our website! We have a huge selection of products for you to choose from that range in color,  scent, and exfoliating strength. 

What Is The Difference Between a Body Sponge and a Loofah?

You might be thinking: aren’t a sponge and a loofah the same thing? Nope, they are actually quite different, especially when compared to our body buffers. Loofahs are made of plastic, which can actually irritate the skin. And, when used too frequently or too aggressively, the plastic can cause micro-cuts and scrapes in your skin. As you can imagine, when used daily over a period of time, a loofah can cause quite a bit of damage! 

The other thing to consider when using a loofah or regular sponge is that they are not the most sanitary items to use on your body. In fact, many doctors refer to them as breeding grounds for bacteria. This is because bacteria thrive in moist environments, especially ones that are damp for longer periods of time. When you use a loofah, you leave it in your shower, where it is dark and damp for hours. This sets the stage for bacteria to grow all over the loofah or sponge! 

Thankfully, our body buffers are different and much more sanitary. They are infused with an antibacterial agent that stops bacteria in their tracks. This will last for the entire duration of your body buffer use, which is around 30 to 40 washes. Now, even if you leave it in the shower a bit damp, you don’t have to worry about any bacteria growing. You can get a clean and effective wash each and every time. 

Will a Body Sponge Save Me Time and Money?

Yes, believe it or not, a body sponge will save you both time and also money. Our body buffers already have body wash infused into them. This means you’ll never have to buy body wash again! It has the perfectly portioned amount of body wash you need for each use, which ranges from 30-40 uses depending on the buffer you choose. How many times have you spilled your body wash or squeezed out way too much? We know body wash isn’t crazy expensive, but that is still money wasted. 

Another way it saves you time and money is because it is a three-in-one product. It is a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer all combined into one product, which is pretty amazing. Therefore, it saves you money because you no longer have to buy three separate products, which does add up over time. Instead, you can buy one product that will accomplish three separate steps in your body washing routine. Fewer products to buy means less money spent, and combining three steps into one means more time saved! 

People buy separate exfoliators, body washes, and moisturizers. And even these three separate products are not always the most effective depending on the quality of the product you buy. Why waste the time and the money when you could have one product that is more effective than all three of those products that are used separately? 

One more thing to think about is that buying fewer products means you will have less environmental waste. You won’t have to throw away multiple bottles anymore, but rather you can recycle the body buffer box and toss the buffer itself after 40 uses. 

Are There Sponges For Hands and Feet?

That’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked it. Yes, there are different sponges for your hands and feet. Our body buffer can be used on your entire body from the neck down. But sometimes, our hands and feet can be rougher, dryer, and need a little extra TLC. For that reason, we also offer hand buffers and pedi buffers, which are formulated especially for the skin on your hands and feet. 

Our Hand Defense buffer is infused with hand soap. It helps to kill bacteria and remove dirt, oil, and grime from your hands. Like our body buffers, it is also infused with an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria from growing on the sponge in-between each use. That way, you know your hands are actually getting cleaned and that you’re not putting bacteria right back on them. While you certainly could use the hand buffer in the shower, most people use it throughout the day instead of regular hand soap when washing their hands. 

When it comes to your feet, it is common to have tough, dry, and even cracked skin. It makes sense given the fact that you are probably walking on your feet all day. Plus, the skin is naturally a bit tougher, especially on the heel. This means it needs something stronger than our regular buffers to help exfoliate and smooth the skin. You need the Pedi Buffer, which acts as a polisher for the skin.

This triple-action buffer works to cleanse the feet, exfoliate and polish them, and keep them smoothed and moisturized. Simply finish your body washing routine by using this buffer on your feet, making sure you apply enough pressure to help remove any dead skin. Then, rinse the soap off, and your feet will be nice and smooth. You’ll get spa pedicure results at home for a fraction of the price! 

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the men. Our Men’s Pedi Buffer comes in three different exfoliating strengths, so we’ve got you covered regardless of how dry and cracked your feet are. No matter which pedi buffer you use, we always recommend following up with a body lotion of your choice. When you get out of the shower, use it on your whole body, and then put a little extra on your feet to really lock in the moisture. Even if you exfoliate your skin, it can still dry out if it doesn’t get enough moisture. 


Now you know that you can find body washing sponges at Spongellé. We have an amazing selection with tons of different scents ranging from florals to citrus to neutral scents. Our sponges are way more effective and efficient than just using body wash or a loofah alone. The body buffers come already infused with body wash, so you won’t have to worry about wasting product or running out mid-shower. The buffer is here to make your life easier (and squeaky clean). 

Plus, we have other great products for more specific areas of your body that might be dryer or need extra scrubbing, like your hands and feet. Our hand buffers are great for daily use every time you wash your hands. You won’t have to worry about them drying you out, because they contain moisturizing ingredients. The same goes for our body buffers and pedi buffers, so your skin will stay smooth use after use. You can find all of these items right here on our website! 

And don’t forget about our other amazing products, such as hand creams, body lotions, and kids’ body buffers. These bath and shower products aren’t just for adults; kids love to have their own bright and cheery buffers as well! The best thing to do after exfoliating with our buffers is to follow up with a moisturizing lotion or cream (or both, treat yourself!). You don’t want to achieve smooth and soft skin only to have it get dry again because you didn’t moisturize enough. 


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