Back-to-School Gifts That Are Practical and Helpful for Kindergarten - College

Back-to-School Gifts That Are Practical and Helpful for Kindergarten - College

It’s that time of year again, folks! The new school year is sneaking up on us, and we all know what that means – it's time to start prepping for the first day of school. 

The hallways are gonna be bustling, classrooms buzzing, and those butterflies in our kiddos' tummies, oh, they'll be fluttering! But guess what? The right back-to-school gifts can make the transition smoother and, of course, more exciting.

Whether this is your child’s first year of elementary school or they’re making the exciting transition to college, we have gift ideas that will bring them joy from that very first bell all the way to the dorm rooms.

Why Are Back-to-School Gifts Important?

Back-to-school gifts aren't just about showing our love and making our little ones and college-goers grin ear to ear (though that is certainly a plus!). These gifts are also symbols of support as they gear up for a new chapter in their lives. A functional yet fun gift can not only equip them with what they need for the year but also bring a dash of joy to their school day.

Plus, what better way to say “Welcome back to school” than with a thoughtful gift? It can ease their first-day jitters and make them look forward to the days ahead.

Back-to-School Gifts for Little Ones 

Gearing up your little ones for their educational journey can be both exciting and, let's face it, a bit daunting. But you’re here to let them know you’ve got their back. Here are some handy back-to-school gift ideas to help your kiddos kick off the school year in style.

Crayons, Erasers, and a Pencil Case

For your kindergarten and elementary kiddos, nothing beats the joy of brand-new crayons, erasers, and a snazzy pencil case. These school supplies staples make for a great gift that’s both fun and functional. And let's be honest, who doesn't love the smell of fresh crayons?

Creative and Fun Lunch Boxes

Next up, let's talk lunch boxes. An insulated, creative, and stylish lunch box not only keeps their food fresh but also makes lunchtime a little more exciting. Go for ones with their favorite cartoons, superheroes, or even stainless steel options for added durability. 

For your middle school-aged kids, opting for a chic and eco-friendly lunch box can add a touch of sophistication to their lunchtime routine — a grown-up touch they're sure to appreciate and show off to their friends.

Water Bottles With Personality

Hydration is key, right? So how about gifting your child a colorful water bottle they'd love to tote around? To make it even more special, pick one that comes with funky stickers. They can personalize their water bottles and show them off in style!

DIY Snack Box Filled With Healthy Goodies

Pack a DIY snack box with healthy munchies they can enjoy during breaks. Think dried fruits, whole grain cookies, nut-free granola bars, and more. A snack box like this not only keeps hunger pangs at bay but also ensures they’re snacking right.

Keychains and Themed Erasers

Don't forget those cute little gifts like keychains and themed erasers that can add some flair to their school backpacks. They're fun and affordable and are sure to light up their faces.

All–n-One Bath Fun With The Spongeasaurus Assorted Pack

Looking for a back-to-school gift that's a total splash? Our Spongeasaurus Assorted Pack is the perfect treat. Each surprise dino egg reveals a Spongeasaurus that'll make bath time a thrilling adventure. With a T-Rex, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus, we bring prehistoric creatures to life in a whole new way.

Suitable for all ages and sensitive skin types, this gift is all about sparking joy, encouraging learning, and turning routine into fun. Plus, it's enriched with calming chamomile extracts, perfect for winding down after a busy school day. 

You could even let your kiddos collect all three throughout the school year, adding a dash of anticipation and excitement to the mix. Bath time just became bucket loads more fun.

Trendy and Essential Back-to-School Gifts for High School Students

High school is a time for self-discovery, and the right back-to-school gifts can help your teens express their growing individuality while also tackling their academic duties with style and grace.

School Backpacks

For your high schoolers, a trendy backpack is not just for carrying school essentials — it's also a fashion statement. When it comes to the perfect backpack, fun meets functionality. Find one that's sturdy, roomy, and speaks to their personal style. It's the perfect companion from the first day of school to the last.

iPad or Chromebook for Tech-savvy Learning

iPads aren't just fun — they're fantastic learning tools. With countless educational apps and e-books, an iPad or Chromebook can give your tech-savvy learner a head start. It's the new-age back-to-school essential.

Spongellé's Hand Creams

From PE to after-school activities, their hands can take a beating. Our hand creams are here to keep their hands hydrated and soft all day long.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe vera leaf extract, and sunflower extract, these creams can help soothe dry skin — especially when they’re slathering on the hand sanitizer multiple times a day. Simply choose their favorite scent, and they’re sure to keep it on hand from the first bell to late-night extracurriculars. It's on-the-go moisturizing made easy and indulgent.

Hand Sanitizer and Personal Hygiene Supplies

In the age of increased awareness about hygiene, personal hand sanitizer is a must-have. Coupled with tissues and wipes, they make the ideal hygiene kit for your high schoolers.

The beauty of this gift is in its practicality — whether they're heading to class, lunch, or after-school sports, these hygiene superstars can help keep your high schoolers feeling fresh and germ-free all day.

Back-to-School Gifts for College Students

As your young adults venture into the world of higher education, thoughtful and practical gifts can help them navigate their new environment, bringing both comfort and functionality to their new home away from home.

Shower Essentials

Dorm room showers can be a bit of a challenge, but they’re no match for our Spongellé Body Gift Sets. Each set includes a Body Wash Infused Buffer® that gently exfoliates while delivering a time-released lather, a Hand & Body Lotion, and a Hand & Body Wash that is all about hydration and glow. 

It's all nestled in a beautiful gift box and is infused with one of our fan-favorite fragrances, such as French Lavender and Freesia Pear. Pair this set with a practical shower caddy, and even a busy shared bathroom will feel like a luxurious trip to the spa.

Tote Bags

In the hustle and bustle of college life, a tote bag is every student's best friend. It's not just about carrying books or grocery shopping — it's about finding a stylish, durable companion for every adventure. From the library to the farmers' market, this is one accessory they'll always reach for.

DIY Gift Baskets

Nothing says 'care package' like a DIY gift basket. Include their favorite snacks and coffee, a token from home or their favorite neighborhood store, and one of our nourishing body moisturizers. Every time they dive into this treasure trove, they'll feel the love from home.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Whether they're embarking on an all-night study session or just trying to stay hydrated during a lecture marathon, a stainless steel water bottle is a savior. More than just a drink holder, it's a constant companion that serves their favorite beverage, hot or cold, anytime they want. It's about keeping them refreshed, energized, and ready to take on college life.

Spongellé Diffuser

Bring the spa to their dorm room with our unique Private Reserve Diffusers. Featuring a stunning Floret made from the natural fibers of the Tapioca Plant, this diffuser blooms with rich, bold color within 48 hours. 

The hand-blown glass vase holds the diffuser oil, releasing a beautiful time-released fragrance that lasts up to 8 weeks. They'll open the ornate gift box to find a luxurious set that's not just about filling their room with our most celebrated fragrances — it's also about creating an aromatic ambiance that helps them unwind and recharge. It's a touch of home they'll cherish.

Make This School Year the Best One Yet With Spongellé

As we gear up for a new year, getting the right classroom supplies and picking the perfect student gift is more than just about ticking items off a checklist — it's about helping our kids embark on a new adventure. 

From the little ones making their way to kindergarten to our suddenly young adults setting off for college, it's all about preparing them for a fun back-to-school journey filled with fresh experiences and exciting challenges.

These school ideas aren't just about practicality; they're about making a daily routine feel a bit more special, and that’s something that Spongellé wholeheartedly believes in. Every item we've shared in this gift guide can add a touch of joy to their day, a little bit of home they can carry with them. 

So as you get ready to send your kiddos off into another school year, remember that the gifts you give them now will help shape their experience and create memories they'll cherish for a lifetime.


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