Are You Ready for the Heat? Here’s Your Summer Skincare Checkup

Are You Ready for the Heat? Here’s Your Summer Skincare Checkup

Summer is here! If you’re like most of us, your wardrobe has already made the transition, but what about your skincare routine? It’s easy with all of the happenings going on in daily life to forget to fine-tune your routine to better fit the season. But now that April showers have come and gone and the scorching summer heat is fast approaching, you want to ensure that your skincare routine is built to match the season. Here are five tips to ensure your skincare routine is ready for the summer.

Let Your Skin Breathe

You aren’t wearing your winter coat anymore, so why are you slathering on thick layers of product? If you layer on the moisturizers, creams, serums, and everything else in your cabinet, your skin might start to feel heavy and stifled in the heat and humidity of summer. Instead, opt for lighter products or products that do more than one thing to not only keep your skin light but to also save a couple of steps in your routine.

Make Exfoliation a Priority

No matter the season, fall, winter, or summer, regular exfoliation is a must to keep your skin looking silky soft. For your body, you should use a premium body buffer with an exfoliating side. With this product, you can gently slough away dirt, dead skin cells, and any other grime to encourage a smooth, fresh appearance.

Chill in the Shade

While some of us practically live for those hours spent lounging around in the sun, it’s not exactly doing your skin any favors. It usually doesn’t take more than one bad sunburn to understand the importance of proper sun protection and learn that shade is your friend. Along with wearing sun protection, do your best to find shade and wear a sunhat whenever you’re heading outside.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Proper hydration is key to keeping your skin soft and smooth. In addition to using an effective, lightweight moisturizer, make sure that you’re staying hydrated as well. No matter the season, drinking enough water is crucial. In the summer months, especially, make sure that you’re getting your daily recommended water intake so you can stay hydrated inside and out.

Keep Your Cool in the Shower

Finally, if you find yourself out in the pool often, make sure to rinse off as soon as you can. Chlorine can be harsh on your skin, so washing it away with a premium bath sponge is a must. However, also make sure that you’re keeping your showers on the cooler and shorter side. Long, hot, steamy showers can feel nice, but can also dry out your skin. For best results, try to keep your showers on the cooler, shorter side—since it’s hot outside anyway, that shouldn’t be too much of a bother.


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